3 Advantages of Implementing an ERP in Field Services

The evolution of the use of ERP in the business world is more than evident.  60% of the companies that have digitalized their management use this type of software to perform advanced management in their operations.  This also applies to companies that provide field service and ERPs provide many advantages in their operations.  

Why should you choose NetSuite ERP for Field Services?

More than 40.000 organizations worldwide use NetSuite ERP because it allows to manage data in real-time, customize integrations, among other advantages. It allows field service companies to execute 3 actions in a simple way: 

On-site order and billing management

One of the main benefits of using NetSuite ERP in Field Services is that it can manage orders and invoice them. In addition, you can do it wherever you are without having to go to the company. This software will speed up the ordering and collection process and it will optimize time to be much more productive. 

One-click traceability with ERP for Field Services

If you use NetSuite ERP for field services, you will be able to track your team in an easier and more efficient manner. You will be able to know their location thanks to a map integration, in addition to knowing the status of any job. The best part is that with this tool you can follow-up on any stage of the process, with only one click. 

Manage data from any device

Because NetSuite ERP is based on the cloud, you will be able to manage company data from any device; like a smartphone, computer, or tablet. Using any of these devices, you will be able to input, update, and extract information easily and in real-time. This ensures that the data is always up to date and avoids inconsistencies in the information. 


Implementing an ERP in Field Services like NetSuite can be very beneficial for your company because it is a highly configurable mobile solution. You will be able to adapt its functions according to the business needs of your company and take advantage of all its features to optimize the processes in the field. 

At Fusionworks we can help you if you want to implement this software. Contact us and we will guide you so you can start taking advantage of them as soon as possible!

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