3 challenges of the distribution industry in 2022

In the world of distribution, everything is changing rapidly, and companies cannot continue to work under the old distribution format as it is inefficient. To remain competitive in this area, it is essential to address the challenges of the industry and the key to doing so is to use technological tools.

Manejo de almacenes1. End-to-end logistics visibility

Lack of end-to-end visibility of products within the warehouse is one of the industry’s biggest challenges. It is necessary to be able to visualize at all times both the status and quantities of items in real-time as the goods enter the warehouse, when they move inside and when they leave.

2. Operational Efficiency in warehouses

Another challenge for the distribution industry has to do with operational efficiency within warehouses. Inefficient use of space can bring various problems for the organization, delivery and tracking of goods. The best approach is to optimize the warehouse layout so that, for example, fast-moving products can be stored close to fulfillment centers, and similar items can be grouped together to make them easier to locate.

3. Order and delivery tracking

Within this industry, it is key to have the ability to track all processes in order to have real-time control of changes and the evolution of logistics processes. This way, information about shipments can be obtained at any time. Without a successful tracking program, it is difficult to detect problems within the warehouse and the implications for distribution. 

retos de la industria de la distribuciónHow to face the challenges of the distribution industry?

One way to address the above challenges to meet customer expectations for fast, timely and accurate shipments, without compromising product quality or increasing costs, is to implement warehouse management systems (WMS). 

One of the most efficient solutions of this type is NetSuite WMS, a system that streamlines distribution operations through the implementation of efficient practices such as manual barcode scanning, intelligent pick and pack processes, integration with shipping systems, among other features. 

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