3 indisputable reasons why you should implement an ERP system

Se competitivo y agrega eficiencia en tu equipo de trabajo al comprar un sistema ERPWith time operations of companies become more complex and the competition also increases. If you want your business to remain competitive you must take advantage of all market opportunities and for this, the best solution is to implement an ERP system, as it allows you to have accurate, actionable and updated information in real-time, on financial and accounting processes. 

3 reasons for choosing an ERP system

Having an ERP system allows you to automate workflows, as well as track and analyze operations. It is also the perfect tool to ensure you make better decisions. 

Boost sales

An ERP system can boost your business sales by helping to optimize inventory, which will allow you to meet customer demand. In addition, it is a tool with which you can be more efficient in responding to inquiries and being more accurate in receiving and delivering orders.  This system can also be very helpful in identifying the most profitable products, forecasting demand, and being prepared. 

Process automation

comprar un ERP puede ayudarte a mejorar la eficiencia y por lo tanto aumentar las ventasThis system also increases business efficiency by automating repetitive processes.  With an ERP system like Netsuite, for example, you can save time because employees can work and share information faster. By obtaining real-time data, processes are more efficient, managers can identify business opportunities and make smarter decisions to improve their offerings or even enter new markets.

Operational cost savings

Another reason to implement an ERP system is cost savings. By automating processes, many hours of work are saved because manual processes are eliminated. In addition, other activities that do not add value to the company can be eliminated, such as the time people and other processes spend waiting for information or entering data. 

Having all the information integrated in the same place and updated in real-time reduces waiting times, something that can affect the company’s productivity and thus its profitability. On the other hand, if you have a single system that integrates all processes, you will need fewer technology providers, as well as less maintenance and lower costs associated with staff training. 

3 features that an ERP system must have

Las caracteristicas de un ERPIf you want to implement a functional ERP system for your company, you must ensure that it has certain key features such as:

  1. Customizability: the system should allow you to customize it according to your company’s needs. Ideally, it should be modular, so you can add features as your company grows. 
  2. Usability: the system must be easy to use for a successful adoption by the company’s employees. 
  3. Data migration: a good ERP must allow data migration from other systems, as well as allow the elimination of obsolete and redundant information so that the system works well from the beginning.


The implementation of an ERP system will allow to improve your company’s performance by boosting sales, optimizing processes, and saving costs.  With a system like Netsuite ERP you can achieve this and more, because it is a modular tool with all the functions you need to collect and analyze data, and thus make the best decisions for your business.  Contact us for more information about the implementation of an ERP system.

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