3 keys for the automation of expense reports with Netsuite

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In general, the optimal operation of a company depends on the efficient management of the expense budget. In the past, the task assigned to each employee to enter expenses represented complications for checking and reviewing.

Now days, automating the process has come to save us. That is why we want to show you the key aspects of how to generate expense reports with Netsuite.



Keys for the automation of expense reports with Netsuite

Netsuite is one of Oracle’s platforms that is registering more growth for being a flexible, robust and high-performance system. With the help of experts, an effective implementation of this ERP can make accounting operations, more agile, optimizing costs.  In addition, automation of your company improves real time monitoring of the more relevant metrics.  

1.Template implementation

informe de gastosOne of the most tedious tasks for the human resources departments, is the manual reviewing of accounting information. To simplify the difficulty of this task, using compatible or online templates is very useful to atomize expense reports with Netsuite.

Equally, through digitalization of invoices, receipts, and tickets, employees process information in a simpler manner and avoid some common mistakes of other methods.

2.Advanced Features

informe de gastosNetsuite is a system that uses the cloud to simplify operations and eliminate the complexities of managing IT.  Your analytical, mobile, and social abilities allow a better control of processing expenses.

When you are looking to automate expense reports with Netsuite, its different modules present advanced features, like:

  • Automatic entry
  • Definition of policies
  • Instant approval
  • Personnel travel manager
  • Sending Reports in Real Time
  • Credit card processing
  • Cash advance management

3.Access from multiple devices

informe de gastosFor safety and space reasons, platforms acquire more flexibility on the Cloud.  This also facilitates that any employee can access expense control through their preferred mobile device.  Remote management and real time updates help complete without delay the reports’ fields to to make their processing more agile.

Netsuite works optimizing back-office operations of medium to large companies.  If you want to automatize your Netsuite expense reports and integrate this platform to your model of business, we can help you.  As specialists in software solutions, we offer you other recommendations to accelerate the digital transformation of your company. Request a demo! And ensure the digital transformation of your company.

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