4 advantages of ERP integration to your e-commerce platform

Electronic commerce or e-commerce is at its best. Therefore, more and more companies are betting on virtual platforms for the sale of products. However, while running an online store offers many advantages over a physical one, it is necessary to know how to optimize sales processes and for this the solution can be the integration of an ERP to your e-commerce platform.

This integration allows for the automation of many tasks in order to manage the business more efficiently. So, if you are thinking of implementing an ERP software for your e-commerce and/or multi-channel operation, we will tell you about its main advantages. 


Benefits of ERP integration for your e-commerce


  1. Optimal inventory management


In any company, especially those dedicated to e-commerce, inventory is one of the most important items. With ERP integration for e-commerce you can manage inventory more optimally because the system allows you to keep product prices up to date, as well as the existence of products. In addition, with an ERP software orders are fulfilled immediately, so they do not accumulate. 


  1. Better management of the customer base


In every business, it is important to find ways to serve customers more quickly and efficiently. With an ERP integrated to your e-commerce you will be able to optimize the management of your database since it offers real-time integration, which allows you to have a closer contact with both consumers and suppliers. Thanks to the automation of tasks you can easily collect customer data, make collections and shipments of products. 



  1. Integrates accounting and invoicing


Another advantage of integrating ERP to your e-commerce is that you can coordinate two very important financial processes for a company such as accounting and invoicing. When you have the order, the system can automatically generate the delivery note, the invoice and the accounting is done automatically, that way avoiding errors and delays.


  1. Reduces time and operational costs


Generally speaking, it can be said that this integration between ERP and e-commerce helps to reduce time and costs. On the one hand, by eliminating duplicate data entry, orders are fulfilled faster and without errors.  And on the other hand, there are savings in operational costs by automating all management processes. 

Do you want to take advantage of the benefits of integrating an ERP into your ecommerce? NetSuite ERP is a great alternative because it unifies all business processes of your company.  In addition, it has demonstrated its efficiency, a great alternative because it unifies all business processes of your company. In addition, its efficiency has been proven, as customers of this software report a 24% increase in e-commerce sales through its use. 

If you want to integrate this solution to your e-commerce and/or multi-channel platform, contact us.  At  Fusionworks we are specialists in the implementation of this type of software.

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