4 benefits of a CRM for nonprofit organizations

beneficios de un CRM para entidades sin fines lucroNGOs are social initiative organizations that have little to do with the commercial purpose of companies. However, these institutions could benefit from strategies and processes commonly used in the business world. One example is the use of a CRM for nonprofits.

Why implement a CRM for nonprofit organizations?

The most important asset of nonprofit organizations is their contacts. These comprise people such as collaborators, partners, suppliers, workers, donors, etc. They are fundamental for the organization, which is why it is essential to manage them well. 

Managing contacts is possible with Excel spreadsheets, but it is a tedious, partially manual job and, moreover, cumbersome when the contacts number in the hundreds. A CRM, on the other hand, can help manage all information correctly and more efficiently. Here are some of the benefits. 

ventajas de un CRM para ONG

Information organization

With a CRM for non-profit organizations, you will be able to have all your contacts in a single place to access them easily whenever you need them. This software allows you to group the information of all the contacts along with their data, including a history of the relationship with them, considering the different interactions: phone conversations, emails, messages, pending tasks, etc. 

Recruitment of new partners

This type of software can also be beneficial in attracting new partners thanks to the list segmentation function. This option makes it possible to optimize the approach to and communication with different donors so that it is the most appropriate. It also helps to create recruitment campaigns and track communication actions.

Internal team communication

Another advantage of having a CRM for nonprofits is that it improves internal communication with the team. In a single space, you can organize all the team’s pending tasks and even add reminders. This reduces the use of other less effective tools, such as email. 


Thanks to shared communication spaces, it is possible to manage projects efficiently with one or more people in the organization. A CRM makes it possible to plan not only communication actions but also events, workflows, follow-up, etc. It also makes it possible to generate customized reports.  

An interesting option for nonprofit organizations is Dynamics 365, as it offers different resources to these organizations so they can organize their data, modernize their processes, automate their financial operations, etc. At Fusionworks we are experts in this type of software implementations. 


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