4 NetSuite ERP Cloud features that facilitate end of accounting month

Características NetSuite ERP CloudEven though your business has an automated system, is the end of the accounting month still a nightmare? On average, this process costs weeks of work to the staff in charge due to the number of tasks, lack of standardization, or limited access to the information. This can be resolved with the tools provided by NetSuite ERP Cloud. Learn about them!


4 NetSuite ERP Cloud features that facilitate accounting month closing

For your accounting to be fast and efficient during the end of the month closing, a solution on the cloud can give you the tools that you need. Among the features of NetSuite ERP Cloud for this purpose, we can highlight: 


NetSuite ERP Cloud allows you to access your data from any computer with access to the Internet, which allows controlling the most critical data and key indicators at any time and from any place to update reports related to accounting and end of month closings, before the due date.

Automated processes

NetSuite offers the ability to streamline key operational cycles by automating and customizing tasks, so you can easily manage accounts receivable, personnel payments, and bank reconciliation. In the latter, accounts with standardized templates and folder management. This way your accounting is more agile and accurate


With this application based on the cloud, authorized staff will be able to consult the information in seconds. As long as they have an internet connection, they have the master board to view the stored information and any automatic updates.  

This centralized database is very convenient for working remotely and favors transparency. This way, the accounting month-end closing process flows better, is less stressful, and more efficient. 

Multiple collaborators

Características NetSuite ERP Cloud

With NetSuite you can organize the entire closing process by assigning one task per employee or team. Those involved are notified in case of problems, can track completion, and identify bottlenecks in the process. 

Conclusion of NetSuite ERP Cloud features

If you want to facilitate the month closing with a process that can be managed in real-time, allow multiple collaborators to participate, automate processes and accelerate your business cycles, NetSuite ERP Cloud is the most convenient solution. If you are interested in implementing this solution in your company, we at Fusionworks can help you. Contact us and we will guide you through the process.



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