4 ways to increase field service productivity with an ERP system

como aumentar la productividad de field serviceIncreasing field service productivity is key for modern companies, especially now that there is so much competition. Being more productive also means being able to deliver an excellent customer experience at all times, regardless of whether operations are performed outside the office. An ERP can be the ideal tool to achieve this goal.

How to increase field service productivity with an ERP?

A specialized ERP system for field mobility, such as NextService, can be custom configured to meet the unique needs of each company. This type of management software can increase field service productivity by offering a number of features that make field technicians’ jobs easier.

Photo and signature capture

By having an ERP system in the field, workers will be able to capture photos and signatures to make verifications of any kind. They can, for example, verify arrival at a site, acceptance of a service, or completion of a security firm. Captures can be taken before and after the job, to verify that the task has been completed. Thus, there will be more information about the process in the field.

Integrated mapping

Ventajas de un sisyema ERP para aumentar la productividad de field serviceAn ERP software can also increase productivity in field service because technicians can use the device’s built-in mapping application. Be it Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, or other, to determine the best route to take to fulfill a job

Expense Management

This tool also allows you to organize key money-related information for the company. Technicians working in the field can immediately and easily enter individual Expenses such as travel, gasoline, ADDITIONAL parts, mileage, etc.  Expenses are automatically associated with the JOB/customer and entered in the ERP.

Custom forms and checklists La captura de foto y firma es una de las integraciones que impulsa la productividad en field service

By including custom forms and checklists, field technicians will be able to collect data in an optimized way. This can then be used to create detailed and accurate analyses and reports on activities. Paper forms can also be digitized to increase efficiency.  


These ERP functions allow you to increase field service productivity and thus improve the customer experience and that of your own employees. If you are interested in implementing this solution in your organization, Fusionworks can be your partner. Contact us and we will address your requirements.


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