5 Advantages of Netsuite ERP for the Restaurant Industry

ventajas de un erp para restaurantesThe the gastronomic and hotel industry is constantly growing, being one of the most important industries in many countries.  Nevertheless, its multitasking management requires the inclusion of technology to boost efficiency in all areas.  This is why, in this post we will see the advantages of an ERP for restaurants and its industry.

What are the advantages of an ERP for restaurants?

In fact, many. If your model requires more real-time visualization, more margins, and process optimization, you need an enterprise resource planning software. Among the advantages of an ERP for restaurants, you can count on:

Accurate inventory management

ventajas de un erp para restaurantesWith NetSuite, you can automatically estimate demand and restock. Its functionality also allows you to accurately know the costs of inventory, streamline daily operations, and better understand your profitability. That way you have the appropriate stock when you need it the most.

Error-free administration and finance with an ERP for restaurants

These information solutions standout for their centralization of data for a better visualization of the financial performance.  Through its application, you control the flow of capital, accelerate operations, perform accurate billing and get detailed reports with relevant metrics to continue growing.


Reduced response time

ventajas de un erp para restaurantesThe implementation of an ERP allows your company to work at full capacity. Process optimization and knowledge of public makes it easy to anticipate orders, get invoices without delays, and get reports that summarize the day’s activities to evaluate overall performance.

Improved customer interaction with restaurant ERP

Among the advantages of an ERP for restaurants, is the possibility of adding a CRM module.  This software facilitates the creation of profiles for regular customers, where you can include personal data, tastes, frequency, retention, and more.  Everything to offer them a personalized attention and more in line with their expectations.

Human resources comprehensive management

ventajas de un erp para restaurantesTaking care of your staff is easier with an ERP like NetSuite. With this program you can keep a  detailed control of tasks accomplished, breaks, table management, tips, incentives, among other aspects.  This way you have a profile of your taskforce, adjust activities, and reward the most committed.


In a sector that is getting more and more competitive, like that of the hotel and restaurant industry, you need process optimization to face your competition.  If you want to take full advantage of an ERP for restaurants, in Fusionworks we are specialists in NetSuite ERP and other information solutions.  Do not hesitate to contact us, we will guide you in all processes.

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  1. Thanks for helping me understand the benefits of having an ERP system. I find it amazing to learn that this software can manage human resources and inventory at the same time! My friend is about to open a restaurant around town and after seeing posters regarding Netsuite ERP, it got him curious. I should share this with him and suggest that he look for someone who can provide him Netsuite.

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