5 Benefits of Integrated Financial Planning for your Company

In an increasingly dynamic business world, informed and accurate decision-making is particularly relevant for corporate survival. Therefore, small and large businesses begin to understand the need for integrated financial planning.
Versatile tools like Prophix Budgeting & Planning allow you to boost efficiency and some several benefits focused on your operability.

Know some of the advantages that this solution has to offer:

Key benefits for an integrated financial planning

Integrated financial planning is a new approach that seeks to leave behind rudimentary processes, partial data, and a significant error margin
If we understand that the absence of this affects your growth, short- and medium-term evaluation, resource management, and risks, you can begin to solve it.

By implementing corporate performance management (CPM) software such as Prophix you can:

1. Streamline the quality of the analysis

This IT solution favors the intensive management of data to carry out more informed evaluations. The inclusion of unified metrics to validate business objectives also reduces the time for preparing budgets, reports, projections and other fundamental tasks.

2. Anticipate decision-making

Taking advantage of opportunities based on time is crucial for any company. When you have a global and measurable perspective of the financial organization, you improve the management of risks in the face of past problems. In addition, this anticipation encourages new businesses with greater control of income and expenses.

3. Better department coordination

planificación integrada


Integrated financial planning offers you capabilities for a more comprehensive and accurate collection of information. This allows managers to develop joint activities with greater detail and diligence. This advantage elevates the design of forecasts, balance sheets, cash flow and more.


4. Decrease risks

The implementation of a CPM software such as Prophix has, as its purpose, an accurate evaluation of the variables and management by specialized personnel. Since the associated risks are multiple, you only need a small team to analyze the decision making. These decreases problems of profitability, growth, positioning, and resources.

5. Optimize control variables

As the analyzes improve, the business objectives are clearer, the management more efficient, so you get more control over your operations. This organizational improvement is transformed into a more consistent execution of the tasks, a deeper perspective of the demand and a consistent definition of the processes.The incorporation of integrated financial planning is possible through an IT tool such as Prophix. If you do not have a strategic alliance to boost your business, we have what you are looking for.

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