5 benefits of Power Apps integration for your company

Technology continues to change the way we communicate and the way we perform some processes.  Companies have understood that many routine actions consume a large part of their time.  Automation is key to being more productive and it is precisely in this context that the integration of Power Apps can be very useful.

Power Apps is a Microsoft solution designed for any company to create custom applications to meet their needs and objectives. This service allows any user with knowledge in Office capable of autonomously developing various applications without knowing how to program. The only thing the user needs to start developing internal apps and portals for external use is training in the use of the Power Apps platform. 

Advantages of Power Apps Integration

In many occasions, it is difficult for a company to find a solution that specifically adapts to its needs and if it is found the time factor can be the reason that a profit maximization is not achieved immediately. By integrating the Power Apps tool in your organization you can solve this problem by creating personalized applications within your company for your company. By doing so you will enjoy benefits such as:

1.Wide availability

The development platform, Power Apps, is available with the subscription of Office 365. This service has wide availability; so you can create different types of apps to integrate them in different platforms. This way, it can transform many manual business processes into digital and automated processes.

2.Better data integration

If your company uses de Microsoft’s common data service (CDS), Power Apps allows access to commercial data; from more than 200 different data sources like Outlook, OneDrive, PowerPoint, Excel, SharePoint, Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Dropbox, among others. This way, employees can share data efficiently regardless of their location.

3.Automated functions

With Power Apps integration, companies can automate their processes and functions, leaving aside the manual entry of certain data. You can also send updates and relevant data to workers and buyers directly to their smartphones through push notifications. In addition, it offers features such as reporting and troubleshooting, even when administrators are out of the office.

4.Guaranteed security

With Power Apps integration in the company, you will have total control of applications through the administration center.  Employees can see their saved applications, as well as user control options and manage data and permits. In addition, each application created with this tool is automatically linked to the Microsoft’s active directory domain service (ADDS), which is responsible for authenticating and applying the respective security policies to all users and devices.

5.Higher Productivity

By being able to create applications to cover the needs of the company and automate processes, more productivity is achieved.  Employees save time by not having to perform manual tasks and better optimize their time to devote to tasks of greater relevance for the company. 

The integration of Power Apps in your company offers many benefits for speeding up the work. At Fusionworks, we can help you with its implementation and training. Contact us and we will provide you all the information you need!

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