5 Common Mistakes in the Implementation of an ERP

Implementar ERPThe implementation of an ERP for SMEs or bigger enterprises can report many benefits. Nevertheless, because it is a transversal solution, serious mistakes in installation or configuration can end up paralyzing your business and generating undesired additional costs. Therefore, it is important to understand the most common mistakes at the time of implementing software for resource management.

Frequent mistakes during ERP implementation

Taking advantage of a tool like Oracle ERP starts by understanding the following:

1. Underutilization of ERP

Not understanding the full functionality of this resource leads to a lack of optimization of key processes. This translates into deficient operability that could be improved managing all the potential of this technology. To avoid the frustration of the final user, it requires training and continuous analysis of the program to see how it adapts to your business.

2. Imprecise functionality

The precision of an ERP implementation should not guide the process. As an interested business, you must understand well what you need for optimal performance. This requires a planning strategy, internal audits, exact notion of processes and that all parties are involved. This will result in appropriate phases of execution and savings in costs.

3. Problems in the migration of data

implementación de un ERPEach time more complex, this process is conditioned by the great amount of heterogeneous and distributed information.

Among the expenses related to bad planning, these stand out: time of disconnection, payment to personnel (weekends), and loss of data. As cumbersome as it seems, migration of data has to be assumed with responsibility.


4. Education before training

Within any system, learning has more implications for business processes. This investment, that can be formal or informal, provides the personnel with a clearer understanding of how your business operates. In addition, you can prepare them with a customized approach for them to become adjusted to the evolution of the ERP.

5. An inadequate partner

implementación de un ERPOracle ERP installation on the cloud or to a similar platform, requires a serious and committed company. Even though errors can be claimed to the contractor, surely you will lose time and money.
Successful implementation of an ERP should not be hurried, because it is an important decision. At Fusionworks we can give you professional guidance for each step and therefore you will get a solution adjusted to your business model. If you are looking for expert support, do not hesitate to consult one of our IT specialists.

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