5 key benefits of having an integrated ERP cloud with CRM

ERP CloudThe constant evolution of your business is only possible if it periodically adapts to more innovative, accessible, and efficient technologies. Among the different options, ERP cloud has become a versatile, easy to implement, and low cost solution. And when integrated with CRM, you get automated functionality that stands out for its multiple advantages.

When you adopt a solution that is 100% on the cloud like NetSuite, you opt for a customizable system that integrates the most important areas of your company. You not only get a 360° vision of your operation, but also real time monitoring of the resource management from any mobile device.

5 key benefits of having an integrated ERP cloud with CRM

Because it is a software adaptable to your business model, the main advantages are:

1. Lower operational cost

With an ERP cloud you do not need an infrastructure of great magnitude to support the digitalization of your operations. Unlike a conventional solution, you only invest in customizable modules, licenses, and the package that better adapts to your needs.

2. More integration

sistema ERP cloudThese programs are designed to gather the information in a centralized database. This facilitates linking protocols administrative management, communication between departments and follow-up of KPIs. This alignment allows to optimize results in productivity and profitability.


3. Better customer management

Including NetSuite CRM allows you to know the customer lifecycle. Therefore, besides controlling ticket management, you automate the commercial area, orders, marketing, commission calculation and sales forecast. All this will improve the user’s experience and the relations with prospects, suppliers, and partners.

4. Scalability

ERP CRMSolutions like NetSuite ERP facilitate the integration of data to generate more precise reports about the optimal operation of the business. This translates into more accurate decisions regarding the needs for growth and implementation of new processes.

5. Minimal maintenance

With a cloud-based ERP you do not have the need to depend on an IT team 24 hours a day. You can leave incidents, malfunctions, and maintenance to be in charge of remote experts. It is a cost-benefit consideration with long term implications.

ERP cloud NetsuiteAs experts implementing cloud-based ERP’s, we want to guide you in the process of digital transformation. If you are trying to incorporate in the 4.0 industry, a tool like NetSuite ERP could be what you are looking for. To answer all your questions about its key aspects, we invite you to request a free consultation.

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