5 reasons to use the EPM cloud scenario planner

el planificador de EPM Cloud que predice escenarios A company’s business circumstances can change from one moment to the next. As a result, manual planning processes and spreadsheets are no longer sufficient for finance managers. They require powerful tools such as EPM Cloud scenario planning, as this type of solution enables financial forecasts that are able to adapt to changing market conditions.


Why use an EPM cloud scenario planner

The EPM Cloud Scenario Planner is a tool with which companies can foresee performance threats through the creation of long-range forecasting models. This is a solution that leverages financial intelligence to model or plan multiple scenarios to help explore new business opportunities. If you are not yet convinced to use an EPM Cloud Scenario planner in your company, these are the reasons why you should do so.

Reduce the risk

el planificador de EPM Cloud reduce el riesgo

By planning for multiple scenarios, you will be able to quickly identify the impact of changes in the business environment. You will have an early warning system that will help you reduce business risks by responding proactively and effectively to changing economic dynamics. So you can better prepare your business for the future.

Align strategies with plans planificador de EPM Cloud también puede ser de gran ayuda para alinear la planificación estratégica de la empresa con los planes operativos

This scenario planner can also be of great help in aligning the company’s strategic planning with operational plans. With this tool, you can better understand the impact of strategic decisions on results, cash flow, balance sheet, and shareholder value before driving an operational plan

Optimize Capital Structure 

el planificador de escenarios EPM Cloud es una herramienta poderosa

With scenario planning, you can also model various financing options, as well as address and understand the impact of strategies on the company’s credit ratings and capital structure. In other words, with this tool, you will be able to efficiently link all aspects of the organization’s financial performance: earnings potential, taxes, capital expenditures, etc.


Save time

This tool integrates financial modeling capabilities, so there is no need to worry about formulas or entering other data. Finance managers can add sophisticated scenario modeling to their financial planning process quickly and easily. Provides a comprehensive view of the business.

The EPM Cloud planner stands out for automating integration with other systems. By being able to work with data from tools that are usually isolated, such as CRM or ERP, you will have real-time access to data from the entire company. This way you can have a comprehensive view of the business.

If you want your company to be one step ahead of the changes in the business environment, it is best to work with a scenario planner such as Oracle EPM Cloud. This is a solution that facilitates the work of the financial team and also, allows your company to make accurate forecasts to prevent risks. At Fusionworks we can help you implement this tool, contact us!



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