5 Uses of Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) to Stand Out in the Market

Gestión de Clientes 2019In the beginning, Business Intelligence  (BI) was a topic managed exclusively by experts and in that sense, the services were oriented only to the departments of Accounting, Finance, Logistics and, in some cases, commerce Nowadays, with the arrival of Systems as Services (SaaS), there is a need to integrate that data to more dynamic systems in a single place that allows the access of many more users.

This is the wave that Microsoft Business Intelligence is on. The uses of Microsoft Business Intelligence goes from allowing providers of service to increase the performance of the business to the correct alignment of strategies to place your company among the best in the market. All this thanks to the ability to provide the key person with the information they need to make executive decisions.

We know that there are many BI tools in the market. Nevertheless, we know that the uses of Microsoft Business Intelligence offer competitive advantages that we invite you to discover.

5 uses of Microsoft BI Business Intelligence to stand out among the competition

usos de Microsoft BI Business Intelligence1. Speaks like you

The Q&A section is one use of Microsoft Business Intelligence that makes it different to other BI tools. Microsoft Power BI employs a natural language to disperse doubts; which is without a doubt an additional plus in the Q&A service. This at the end places business intelligence at the service of your clients, making the auto services module more robust.

2. Looks like you

You can customize and make the control panels, keyboards, interactive reports and views. This, without neglecting that your local data and those in in your Cloud space are updated and synchronized immediately. This allows you to work the organizations’ most important data from all its business applications.

3. Friendly and Interactive

Another of the uses of Microsoft Business Intelligence is its great capacity to connect to an application or data source. Regardless of them being on the Cloud or on local installations, Power BI will give you an integrated and always updated insight of your data. Some examples include Excel spreadsheets, GitHub, SharePoint and Google Analytics.

4. Cost-effective, natural, and intuitive

The engineering resources to use Power BI are practically null. Microsoft Power BI is an expert ally that facilitates life by connecting and integrating inherited systems with the simple creation of an API key and its connection to software

5. Always ready!

With Power BI your organization can go to the rhythm and place that you want and need to go because you will be able to clear the way with accurate decisions. It provides quick and low cost responses when analyzing the more recent data about what market is growing and which present a lower performance. The company is proprietor of the data at all times and therefore, you will be able to analyze your overview and save money in the way.

usos de Microsoft BI Business IntelligenceThe Microsoft Business Intelligence platform helps service providers to maximize the business’s performance. With this, making decisions for the whole organization is automated and uniform with tools and knowledge that simplify processes, improve planning, and achieve better alignment with the demands of the markets where they belong.

This business intelligence solution is flexible and easy to use. It also provides a deep-insight of the existent processes, the behavior of its subscribers and helps the service providers to reduce the general expenses while improving the administration of processes, and customer service.

If you want to know more uses of Microsoft Business Intelligence to stand out in the market, leave your information here. We will gladly prepare everything you need to integrate this useful tool to your systems to enhance your offers in products and services no matter the type of business that you have.

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