“Accounting & Finance Innovation Forum” Event Recap

Fusionworks’ Director Jorge Mejía discussing BI, Big Data and Analytics, and how executives are using it to drive decisions.

As part of the Puerto Rico Society of CPA’s “1st Accounting and Finance Innovation Forum”, a group of experts presented a varied schedule of tech and finance-related topics.

The event, held at the Condado Plaza Hilton Hotel last Friday, was attended primarily by company accounting and finance managers. The relevance of technology for the effective and efficient implementation of professional accounting and finance was the focus of the event.

Among the guests panelists were: Fusionworks’ Director CPA Jorge M. Mejia; Ana Matilde Bonilla, CFO of GFR Media; Héctor Guerrero, president of Nexvel Consulting; Jorge Hernández, Aerostar’s CFO; John Prados, CFO of Empresas Fonalleda; Federico Grosso, CFO of Metropistas; Roberto Martínez, CFO of Universal Insurance; Banco Popular CFO Carlos Vázquez; Alberto J. Rivera, senior VP & CFO of CC1 Cos. and Coca-Cola P.R. Bottlers; and Francisco Pérez, general manager of Garage Isla Verde.

In his first intervention in the event, Mejía showcased his white paper “Implementing ERP: Best Practices”. In the chat, Mejía discussed the challenges implementing ERP and technology in general, and gave advice on how to apply ERP.

In the BI, Big Data and Analytics presentation, Mejía’s second intervention, he placed an emphasis on the important role of business intelligence and analytics in today’s business processes, and how executives are using it to make better decisions in the workplace and capitalizing on technology to add value to their companies.

Among the topics discussed were the role of accounting and finance executives, mistakes companies make when implementing technology, cloud adoption trends and advantages and risks every head of finance should know.

Also presented in the forum were tips and tricks from the experts to close books faster and Puerto Rico’s macroeconomic and statistical data. By the end of the event, the results of the Puerto Rico’s Office of Finance Profile survey were presented and the CFO reaction panel discussed.

From left to right: Manuel Coriano; CPA Iván Fraticcelli; CPA Rolando Rivera Silva; CPA Zulmarie Urrutia-Vélez, CPA Society President; CPA Joaquín A. Castrillo; CPA Jorge M. Mejía, chairman of the Technology and Innovation Committee of the CPA Society; and CPA Antonio Sécola.

Fusionworks: experts in Microsoft GP, Microsoft CRM, Oracle Fusion Financials, Oracle EBS, Prophix, SAP Business Objects, Microsoft Power BI. 

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