Advantages of an ERP for Decision Making

toma de decisionesImproving decision making is a priority for organizations that seek to advance and remain current in the market. But because there is a great variety of internal and external factors that affect this fundamental strategy, you need the support of advanced tools  such as an ERP, to have a comprhensive vision of your business.


Why use an ERP for making decisions?

Integrating an ERP serves the purpose of automating all the processes related with the management of your business.  This automation of tasks not only saves you resources that you can dedicate to strategic planning. It also gives you a constant flow of data in the shape of performance indicators (KPIs), giving you a better insight of the business.

toma de decisionesTo improve decision making, a solution like Oracle ERP on the cloud or locally will provide high level features. This way, you can respond to the needs of each department.

In addition, with accurate analysis of patterns and trends, you contribute to a more accurate Business Intelligence that will boost efficiency.

Likewise, this management tool, elevates the added value of your products or services and increases productivity.  You also get other tangible benefits for decision making such as:



  • Decisions supported by the intuitive utilization of data management.
  • More responsiveness thanks to real time consults and results.
  • Refinement of business strategies based on more accurate predictive models.
  • Simple and reliable access to relevant information by staff or executives, optimizing operation trace-ability.
  • More accurate decisions by every employee who is part of the business, based on reliable indicators and consistent with the work they do.


Oracle ERP Cloud for decision making

If you want to modernize your business, you need a powerful solution that improves efficiency, productivity, and control.  You can achieve this with Oracle ERP Cloud. A totally integrated system on the cloud, secure, adaptable, that facilitates management in real time and offers a unique perspective of your business.

toma de decisionesOracle ERP Cloud is one of the most complete software of the market.  In Fusionworks we have specialized in this system to give you comprehensive support on its implementation. Our advice will help you improve decision making, project management, training, strategies, and any other concern about this tool. Make and appointment with our specialists and get ready to modernize your business.

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