Advantages to having a supplier portal

Supplier portalOracle Supplier Portal Cloud is the next generation application for enabling smarter supplier interactions.

It is a cloud based self-service solution that brings a complete approach to supplier management by removing communication barriers between you and your suppliers.

Suppliers, gain access to a secure integrated supplier work area that provides full visibility to transactions, offers closed loop collaboration, and enables electronic invoicing.

The supplier work area provides a summary of activity and transactions that require attention. Suppliers can access agreements, purchase orders, advance shipment notifications, invoices, and negotiations allowing suppliers to respond to your business needs.

Supplier Portal: Key business benefits

1.       Supplier Portal delivers a complete set of tools for suppliers to manage their profile: secure access to profile information, configuration of supplier profile elements that are change-controlled, and ability for internal users to review and approve supplier-initiated profile changes.


2.       Eliminate supplier’s repetitive inquiries, manual paper processing, and miscommunication.


3.       Reduce your procurement team’s workload.


4.       Enforce workflow and approvals regardless of communication mechanism.


5.       Suppliers can manage their own, order related tasks such as providing acknowledgements, advanced shipping notices, and change requests. All supplier change requests are tracked, routed, and approved to ensure controls are maintained.


6.       Suppliers can also submit invoices electronically, allowing you to reduce unnecessary paper handling, enforce invoice controls, and improve the timeliness of payments.

7.       Enable suppliers to transmit documents via email.



8.       Streamline communication across the entire source-to-settle process


9.       Suppliers can manage contacts and users, view their company profile, manage product information, upload catalogs, and manage pricing to ensure uninterrupted buying.


10.    Supplier will gain full visibility into transactions and documents with integrated work areas.


supplier portal


supplier portal

A supplier portal is a vital tool for running an efficient, productive supply chain. Use it to automate the mundane, to alert you to the unexpected, to identify the potential in your supply chain, and to meet your goals.

Oracle Cloud Supplier Portal Video (click the image to watch the video)

supplier portal

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