How to accelerate your company’s growth with business planning

To compete, growing companies need to upgrade their business planning to reduce resource consumption and time delays. Current spreadsheet-based approaches extend administrative tasks, hinder collaboration and analysis, and impact decision-making. […]

Business papers

White Paper: Implementing ERP Best Practices

It is common for companies to start an ERP implementation without first doing the planning required to make the project successful. Every ERP implementation involves a certain amount of business and technical risk. This […]

financial reporting

Financial reporting: Streamline your accounting processes

Financial reporting is a document that compiles economic and financial data of the main activities of the company. The financial reporting also gathers the internal management of companies. Therefore, the […]

¿Cómo el Proceso de Presupuesto mejora las Ventas de tu empresa?

¿Te has preguntado cómo el proceso de presupuesto para mejorar las ventas de tu empresa? Mira en este post las claves para ir hacia el éxito de tu empresa.

How to minimize variations in the Human Capital Budget

As we already know, human capital covers all the personnel that works for an organization. Every member of your human capital adds value to your business model with their specific […]