Benefits of a WMS on the cloud for process optimization

wms en una nubeAs well as with other digital solutions like ERPCRM or CPM, WMS on the cloud represents an indispensable modern tool. Under the constant demands of a performance economy, you do not have the luxury of staying behind.  Let us tell you how Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud provides multiple benefits for your processes. 

Problems of not implementing a WMS on the cloud

The diversification of purchasing habits, allows clients to obtain what they are searching for in different ways.  This new dynamic molds the satisfaction standards which are constantly increasing. When you do not address this demand in an efficient manner, the consequences are:wms en una nube

  • Loosing up to 4,5% of profitability when not implementing an omnichannel strategy that integrates management processes.
  • An increase in costs to increase storage capacity.
  • Low rotation of stocks that has an impact on the correct inventory size and makes it impossible to rationalize the existence of stocks.

Advantages of implementing a WMS on the cloud

The implementation of a WMS on the cloud has the purpose of leaving the inherited systems behind. A solution like Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud offers you a better level of flexibility, scalability, and profitability.

Reaching  your business objectives,  is now faster and at the least cost possible thanks to the advantages offered by Oracle Warehouse such as:wms en una nube

  • Suitability to the growing needs of your business.
  • Integration of processes, that allow you to adjust your business model to focus it on the real needs of your clients.
  • Disposition of information under a comprehensive structure that allows you to visualize everything related to the inventory and supply chain.
  • Reduction of infrastructure and improvements in the distribution of computing resources.

Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud is a WMS on the cloud that saves no effort in innovations for your company to widely exceed the new performance demands. If you need advice about its functionality and customization, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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