Benefits of an Inventory Management Software for your Warehouses and Stores

oftware-de-control-de-inventario-para-tus-almacenes-y-tiendas-Productivity of a company and its profits depend on how their processes are carried out. Organization and optimization is key for this.  For this reason, the adequate use of tools to manage different processes, such as an inventory management software is recommended. 

This type of solution helps warehouses and stores ensure that their inventory management system is aligned with the business objectives. This way you can easily, simply and quickly manage the deliveries to customers.



Why use an inventory management software

Inventory management is key for the success of any business that depends on the sale of products.  This is why, the use of an inventory management software is important, as it ensures that stocks are always available to meet customer demand.

If you still do not have this type of tool, we will tell you what its main benefits are.

Rotation projection

oftware-de-control-de-inventario-para-tus-almacenes-y-tiendas-One of the main benefits of an inventory management software is to have an intelligent control for management.  This way you can manage the different inventory levels.  For that different criteria is used such as historical demand statistics, average fabrication cycle, and stock rotation.  This way you can establish in a dynamic manner the amount of product that is needed to keep ideal levels. Thanks to this feature you eliminate problems associated with inadequate stock levels.  It also reduces delays and optimizes distribution lists.

Location Management

The location of articles is one of the most common problems inside warehouses and stores.  This is solved with an inventory management software.  Because it allows to manage locations, employees can track the exact location of products. This will not only make the warehouse more organized, but also reduce the time for order preparation.

oftware-de-control-de-inventario-para-tus-almacenes-y-tiendas-Lot Management

In addition to locations, this type of software also allows the configuration of alerts.  These alerts notify when the batch inventory is about to expire.  You can also track the history of a batch as it moves through the system to keep it under control.

NetSuite ERP is an excellent tool that offers all these benefits.  Thanks to the Advance Inventory Management Module you will be able to optimize your company’s inventory management. You can also reduce costs.



If you want to take advantage of its benefits, in Fusionworks, we have experts that can help you implement this powerful solution for your business and manage the inventory of your stores and warehouses. Contact us!

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