Benefits of digital transformation for distributors and wholesalers

In your aspiration to have a competitive business, you should not ignore technological advances. If you question the advantages of digital transformation for distributors and wholesalers, we hope to give you a different perspective

Common problems when there is no digital business transformation

The implementation of digital transformation in distributors and wholesalers is aimed at solving problems in the supply chain, like:

Cost of storage space. When you have multiple warehouses and pay rent, space must be used to efficiently balance the ROI.
Excess inventory. If you cannot accurately estimate demand, you have more inventory that you want. This leads to expired items or product gap, costing you money. 
Transportation costs. Moving merchandise is a key factor in estimating profits. Therefore you should budget the price of drivers, policies and vehicles.
Temporary or seasonal demand. Being able to control stock based on variable demand is essential. Many businesses do not have a good understanding of their sales patterns, which impacts their revenue
Stock traceability. Not having ERP to manage stock makes you resort to obsolete and less efficient methods. This archaic control generates errors, downtime, and lost time, which affects your profits

Advantages of digital transformation in distributors and wholesalers with NetSuite

transformación digital empresarial

Digital transformation in distributors and wholesalers seeks the implementation of a resource management system to optimize visibility, supply chain and processes. In addition to allowingyou to incorporate new ICTs, it reduces manual costs, improves customer experience, and increases productivity

When you adopt a solution like NetSuite with Fusionworks, you get:

Real time information

In a technology-driven marketplace, data is more critical than ever. The more accurate the information you gather, the better decisions you can make. With NetSuite’s customizable tools, you manage real-time metrics to meet objectives and scale more efficiently

360° view of the operation

Given the integration of the modules of this ERP, you have a complete overview of your activities. You will be able to see accounting, production, sales, and human resources figures at all times. This data allows you to see the progress of your goals, improve your strategies and make better decisions

Reduced infrastructure costs

Ventajas de la transformación digital para distribuidoras y mayoristasInvesting in technological infrastructure results in a reduction of your operating costs. Since NetSuite is a SaaS in the cloud, you can choose the module that best fits your needs and business model. This saves you significant amounts of money and solves ongoing maintenance challenges

  • Continuous improvements and cloud support

Updates to this ERP are released twice a year and are designed to optimize your operation. As it is a cloud solution, you do not need additional software or hardware. In addition, it offers support in several languages and currencies in case you have multinational branches.

Digital transformation in distributors and wholesalers with NetSuite can give you the competitive advantage you are looking for. If you have any questions about costs, timing or implementation challenges, our experts will be happy to help you.

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