Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Remote-working

Microsoft CRM para el trabajoProductivity, efficiency, capacity are keys for companies to obtain results that allow them to be competitive in the market. To achieve this, there are very useful platforms like Microsoft CRM (Dynamics 365), a suite specially designed to drive digital transformation in database management of organizations and increase efficiency in remote working. 

One of the most remarkable features of this customer and prospect relationship management platform is its extensive integration capabilities.  It is not only capable of integrating with Office 365 tools such as Outlook, Excel, SharePoint and OneNote, but it also allows integration with other solutions such as Microsoft Power Apps.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM and its integrations: benefits for remote-working

Microsoft CRM para el trabajoThere are many benefits of having a Microsoft CRM for remote working.  Especially because of its integration with Microsoft Power Platforms like Power Apps, Power BI or Power Automate. Some of the main benefits for businesses are:

1.Workflow organization

To adopt a remote working culture efficiently it is essential to have the tasks well organized. This can be achieved by integrating Power Apps to Dynamics 365. Also with the integration of other tools like Microsoft Planner, Microsoft Forms, or Microsoft Teams.

2. Task automation

Microsoft CRM para el trabajoAnother benefit of Microsoft CRM for remote working, and its integrations, is the automation of repetitive tasks.  By minimizing the time invested in this type of tasks, the team can have more time to carry out more strategic activities that represent greater benefits for the organization.

3. Transparent communication

For remote working to be efficient you need transparent communication channels.  Emails are not always the best solution for daily communication.  Tools such as Microsoft Teams allow you to communicate with customers and employees easily and securely.

Microsoft CRM para el trabajo


Using Microsoft CRM can be very beneficial for your organization and for remote working, especially if you take advantage of its extensive integration capabilities with other solutions like those of Microsoft. If you are interested, at Fusionworks we can help you. Contact us!

One thought on “Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Remote-working

  1. I love that you mentioned how by working with Microsoft dynamics, your business can adapt more efficiently to a remote working environment. From my point of view, we are in the era of technology, and we need to adapt to its changes to grow as a business. That’s why I think having the advantage to have the tasks in had more organized and have a better way to interact with coworkers is key to this process. You did a great job explaining how your job’s organization will flow more easily with the help of Microsoft dynamics.

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