Best Practices for Process Automation in the Professional Services Industry

Is it better to process a digital or a manual file? The answer is clear: the one that takes less time.  Manual or non-automated processes are usually the ones that involve a large investment of time.  In fact, statistics show that organizations spend 17% of their total workforce on these types of administrative tasks each year.

In the professional services sector, slow workflows that include from project management to billing can be very detrimental to business. Therefore, the key is in the automation of processes. 

Automating processes in the professional services industry allows for faster billing.  Which helps businesses receive timely payments for the services they provide. All that improves the productivity of the organization and allows a more efficient monitoring of the work. 


Best Practices for Process Automation

How can we apply process automation in professional services? It is not just a matter of purchasing software and eliminating paper documents. It is important to have a comprehensive view of how the organization will manage its resources to make processes more efficient. These are the best practices to implement.


Identify processes that need to be analyzed

To implement automation of processes in this industry it is essential to identify the processes that need to be improved. And for that, you should ask questions like how long does the process take, which departments and/or employees are involved, what activities move the process forward, what information is transferred from one step of the process to the next, among others. 


Reconsider each step of processes

Another practice for process automation is to analyze the previous process to identify areas of improvement, and thus focus the automation on the appropriate areas. To do this you must think about each of the steps involved in the process you are analyzing and ask questions such as where the process is delayed and why, when errors frequently occur, etc. 

Automate repetitive tasks

When unnecessary tasks are repeated, the workflow stops. But if successful tactics are repeated, the business can move forward. Therefore, the two previous steps are fundamental, since once the essential is separated from the dispensable in the professional services, it will be easier to apply the solution to adapt the processes.  

Netsuite PSA: A solution for process automation in the professional services industry

Process automation tools such as Netsuite PSA are specifically controlled to manage processes more efficiently; faster and with fewer errors. According to the study by IDC “The business value of Concur Invoice”, Accounts Payable areas that implement cloud automation software like this can reduce the time spent on invoice management tasks by up to 34% 

Netsuite PSA is a solution that optimizes processes, improves the delivery and execution of projects. Whose platform is cloud-based. I addition, it allows mobile access and does not require programming.  If you are interested in implementing it in your organization, we at Fusionworks can help you. Contact us!

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