Boost your advertising agency with NetSuite

agencias de publicidadThe need for constant change influences your business in a pressing manner.  The search for innovation and more creativity requires specific solutions supported by technology.  If your advertising agency needs to improve its data administration, optimize its global capabilities and paradigm shift, NetSuite could be the solution.

Why do advertising agencies use NetSuite?

There are many reasons, but adopting NetSuite results from the demands for more efficiency as the advertising agency grows. Cloud solutions provide a better response to the current administrative tasks and to the financial complexity that globalization presents.  In addition, marketing companies can stay behind, requiring a solution more in line with their evolution and future needs. 

In this sense, this software that favors innovation and the efficiency of NetSuite, is characterized by:

·        Designed for modern enterprises agencias de publicidad

This system allows you to control the lifecycle of the presentation until billing.  Its diverse modules facilitate managing CRM, marketing, finances, project management, and other relevant aspects.

·        Great adaptability and scalability

In line with your growth and geographic influence, the robust API of this software allows the expansion of your IT environment.  That is why it favors a scalable and compatible model with several subsidiaries that manage different currencies.

·        Centralized Database

A feature of Netsuite, the integration of data eliminates silos and streamlines workflow. That way, the staff as well as clients, obtain better visibility of all the process of each project

·        Panel customizationagencias de publicidad

Many of the features of this program are easy to configure to reflect tasks, workflows, and metrics.  This customized option boosts the productive performance and has restricted access.

·        Creative management

This platform also allows visualizing in real time the creative work of each department.  This favors an integral vision of the assigned activities, the progress of projects, and the work to be done to analyze a better use of resources.

·        A headquarters for staff

NetSuite makes it easier for advertising agencies to keep track of their employees.  This generic panel includes running projects, working hours, daily tasks, calendars, and contacts.  Everything to streamline human resources management.

agencias de publicidadIn other words, NetSuite has broader features for advertising agencies than what we can show you here.  If you are interested in learning more about its implementation and scope, our experts are at your service.


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