We depart from your business strategy to the technology, not the other way around and therefore, we provide business value rather than features and functions. Business technology has two purposes: improving business processes and the information we use to make decisions. Therefore, technology must be implemented by people with profound business expertise.

Our team of Fusionworkers have been carefully selected to combine both, business and technology expertise in every engagement.

What Fusionworks offers you with Business Intelligence?

We believe in actionable Business Intelligence. We will help you narrow the scope of your project, aiming to focus our efforts in the “Low Hanging Fruit”, where you reap the most benefits for the least amount of effort. Don’t fall for the endless, no return on investment BI project. Go small, but aim big in your return!

Industries that have chosen Fusionworks to install and deploy Business Intelligence



Wholesale & Distribution


Business Intelligence

Microsoft Power BI

Find clarity when you need it most!

Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence solution that allows detailed data analysis to support decision making on business strategies. Power BI, also simplifies the creation of data models and make them accessible to the staff, in order to create reports. Most importantly, this is a cloud-based tool, that's why you will have visibility on what is happening on a daily basis, anytime, anywhere, in any device.

Microsoft Power BI & Fusionworks a powerful combination to optimize your business!  

Fusionworks provides services in the following areas:


Fusionworks will help you match the right tool for your need. Dashboards, query and analysis, discovery tools, enterprise vs departmental.  We know, it’s confusing, but we will narrow it down for you.


Get in touch with every process across your departments and functions with Cloud-based solutions available from any device, everywhere, anytime.

  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Microsoft Analysis Services
  • Oracle BI Apps
  • SAP Business Objects Suite


Data Warehousing

    • One truth to make decisions
    • Business strategies and objectives built-in
    • Powered by best practices and user-friendliness
    • Any Business Intelligence end solution on top


Reports and Visualizations

    • Management by numbers
    • Exception reports and dashboards
    • Operational and executive scorecards


Actionable BI Solutions

    • Custom development based on a decision support system
    • Create business rules and alerts on data deviation


Intuitive Business Intelligence

A full collection of BI tools in one comprehensive platform that anticipates your business’ needs and demands

Tailored Installation & Deployment

Oracle Business Intelligence OBI - Accounting Hub reduces your expenses with tailored subscriptions that covers exactly what you need

Cloud-based Platform and Infrastructure

Comprehensive analytics powered by Oracle Cloud, designed, built and managed by experts.  You no longer need a full IT department to manage and operate your solutions, Oracle will take care of that.  It’s a new era for BI.

Compatible with your systems

Meets your needs and legacy systems

Friendly Interphase

Interactive GUI with detailed walkthroughs to guide you step by step in Oracle Business Intelligence OBI - Accounting Hub

Dashboards based on Analysis, Visualizations and Reports

Change the way you interact and visualize your data. Adapt your dashboards to the user needs, based on their areas of accountability.

Automated Backup, Recovery, Updates and Migration

Keep your peace of mind and your work totally under control.

You control the schedule, BI Cloud Service automates the work.

On-Demand Services

Access to all your Business Intelligence apps immediately from any device, everywhere, anytime






Business Technology Solutions

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