Business rocky road?

Throughout my experience, both as a client and as a consultant for a consulting firm, I’ve seen 3 of the principal reasons for a project to hit rock bottom. You may be wondering, is it budget related? Maybe preparation and skills of the team built? Bad dynamics among team members? Although these are important factors they are not the principal reasons.

Don’t worry, there might be no permanent damages if you acknowledge the issue and pursue a road with much less rocks, icebergs and volcanoes.

So let’s start by asking some simple questions:

  • Is your Core team proactive enough? They have a really important goal and it is to support the consulting team, but at the same time, provide information on a timely and accurate manner. Without the needed information, an implementation project wouldn’t make sense.
  • Do you have support of the stakeholders? As you may know, having the support of key people in a company will help you direct the project until the goal is reached. Also, stakeholders have the vision, the necessity and the urge to reach whatever goals may be. Next Step? The Core team pursues that vision.
  • Are communications coming out frequently to the rest of the population? Communicating change to all employees directly and indirectly involved with thdownloade project, will help maintain healthy work relationships, and develop people open to change. After all, knowing is caring… wait… I think I might have just invented that.

I have simple yet profound recommendations:

(1) Involve stakeholders on monthly meetings, to let them know the status of projects. This is the opportunity to express all needs, but at the same time inform them of the progress made.

(2) The Core team should create a checklist with due dates. This can be created with the help of the consultants in your team. This way you can make sure to provide the information requested on an accurate and timely manner.

(3) Last but not least, to maintain a good communication stream. You can step more unto the traditional side by creating informative bulletins and sending them by email or giving the population a printed bulletin. But you can also get a bit more innovative and creative, by having a person from the team build a corporate blog on which you can post details related to the project.

A blog has various benefits and one of them is flexibility. You can use this tool to inform the community of the progress, achievements and meetings related to the project, but you can also open polls, create trivia, and open a recommendation group. You may also insert info graphics, quotes, and videos, among other things.

I’ve shared my “does”.  Now, what would you do to amp you project …?


This article was written by Ashly González, Fusionworks’ Business Consultant.

Fusionworks: experts in Microsoft GP, Microsoft CRM, Oracle Fusion Financials, Oracle EBS, Prophix, SAP Business Objects, Microsoft Power BI. 

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