ClickDimensions: How to adapt your marketing to a changing world?

Any company that wants to remain competitive in the marketplace must make improving customer experience a priority.  Consumers today are not behaving the same way they did a decade ago. In fact, the world is changing so fast that consumers of 2020 are not even like those of 2019 because of the pace of the digital revolution. 

Therefore, it is essential that your marketing strategies are able to adapt according to the needs of the moment. ClickDimensions integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help you achieve it. ClickDimensions is a tool that facilitates marketing and advertising planning, as well as including solutions for the automation of all types of digital strategies, such as emailing and social media marketing, among others.

Among the new capabilities of the tool is also the option of monitoring the performance of campaigns with smart panels that provide a broad view of the department and its implications with the business.  These capabilities help marketing specialists understand what works and what doesn’t.  Likewise, with a marketing automation tool such as ClickDimensions it is possible to create and customize campaigns; based on the needs of each audience. 

3 key features of ClickDimensions for your company’s marketing

Marketing automation solutions such as ClickDimensions help your company to be more productive, increase conversions, thanks to a greater audience segmentation, reduce costs, among other aspects.  In addition, gets your marketing campaigns to adapt to a changing world thanks to features such as:


Web tracking

When integrating ClickDimensions to Microsoft Dynamics you will be able to deeply monitor your web. In other words, you will be able to know who visits it, which pages they access, how much time they spend there, what they are most interested in, etc.  By having this information, you will be able to create, personalize or improve the customer’s browsing experience.


Campaign automation

To be successful in the world of digital marketing you have to know your customers.  With this platform, you can put your marketing campaigns on autopilot thanks to its campaign builder. You will be able to follow the behavior of each user, know how they interacted with your emails; if they have opened them, where they have clicked, etc.


Social discovery

The social behavior of consumers is useful information for your company. That is why ClickDimensions uses the latest Social Discovery techniques to leverage this data and make your campaigns more effective.  It can locate public information about each one of your contacts or leads that is available on social networks and even monitor the email address on the most used social channels and then link this social profile to the Dynamics 365 record.


Adapt your Marketing with ClickDimensions

With these features, you can automatically adapt your marketing to any situation, because ClickDimensions allows you to analyze your customers at all times. In addition, it offers so many other features such as landing pages, lead scoring, surveys, reports, event management, web forms, and of course email marketing.  

At Fusionworks we are leaders in digital transformation. Therefore, we can help you implement solutions like these, which help you improve the marketing in your company.  Contact us and discover all the advantages of having ClickDimensions and Microsoft Dynamics 365!

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