Cloud-based ERP: Why choose a 360 cloud solution?

More and more companies are using cloud management systems such as enterprise resource planning software (cloud ERP). The reason for this is simple; they are a key tool to automate and simplify processes and tasks that often exceed human capacity.

Today it is vital for any growing business to implement and maintain a fast and efficient management of its processes, especially those dedicated to the financial area. This is where cloud-based ERP software offers viable, cost-effective, integrated, practical, accessible, complete and secure solutions.


Reasons to implement a cloud ERP

razones para emplear un ERPA cloud-based ERP allows you to have a 360-degree view of what is happening in the company. For the financial area specifically, it is a great support for several reasons. Among them:


The greatest advantage of resources managed from the cloud is the ability to enter, download or monitor your business data and processes from any device with Internet access.

Process management from a single application

Cloud management systems are software that allow management and integration of data and key processes of a business, as is the case of the financial area, remotely and in real time to visualize them in an orderly manner and manage them efficiently.

In addition, all company areas are interconnected to facilitate communication, working together and coordinating the company’s actions to improve processes and meet business objectives and goals. This also includes suppliers and customers.

Facilitates decision-making

ERP software helps make better decisions in less time.  This is because it is possible to customize the way data is displayed by hierarchy and detect anomalies. This allows the different areas of the financial field to plan strategies according to the needs of the business and present reports quickly, reducing the margins of error.

Data is safer with this type of ERP

Regardless of hardware failures, ERP cloud systems guarantee that data will be protected without being affected or having configuration errors.

Extends growth possibilities

erp en la nube para tomar decisionesThe scalability of your business and its expansion possibilities are easily adaptable with this type of technology. Future changes and needs of the company, the accumulation of data and the integration of a larger number of customers can be considered and analyzed with the use of a cloud-based ERP software.

Economic advantages of a cloud-based ERP

One of the biggest attractions of cloud management tools or systems, especially for CFOs, is that there are no licensing fees for software purchases. In addition, they save costs associated with the purchase of new servers or network infrastructure.

Also, it is not necessary to assume costs of energy consumption and equipment cooling, since it is possible to access the software from any device without the need to maintain racks of servers. On the other hand, with cloud services, you only pay for the use of the applications and for the number of the platform users.

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