Cloud environments: new offerings, services and platforms in the cloud era

One way to evolve into the digital age is with cloud environments. Migrating to the cloud is a convenient step for organizations looking to innovate and stay competitive in the marketplace, something that became clear with the 2020 healthcare crisis. Companies that had already moved to the cloud environment were able to cope more effectively with the disruption in the business world.

In 2022 and for the years to come, companies must look for efficient alternatives to fully commit to this technology. In fact, today 92% of companies already have at least one IT element (applications, infrastructure, data analysis, etc.) in cloud environments. 

What options do companies have in the cloud era?

Era CloudNow that more and more companies are betting on cloud services, there are many providers with solutions of this type. One of the most prominent in the sector is NetSuite, a company that offers various cloud environments to work different areas of the company or manage various scenarios through the control of operations and automation.

Some of the most important modules are: 

NetSuite ERP

For companies that want to migrate their accounting and operations to the cloud, Netsuite is the #1 world’s ERP cloud, leading the industry with process automation and data integration to optimize operational flows. This tool is a great ally to systematize internal processes and have a complete view of the business. This service not only provides cloud financials, but also integrates CRM, human capital management (HCM) and professional services automation (PSA) operations, making it a very complete platform.

NetSuite CRM

NetSuite CRM is one of the cloud environments with the greatest benefits for companies that want to manage premium relationships with the public of interest for 3 powerful reasons: it allows the creation of automated processes that improve the workflow of teams, facilitates the accuracy of data through real-time management and centralizes information to be able to access it in seconds. Therefore, tracking for sales is simplified.

NetSuite PSA

It is a professional services automation tool that brings together project management, finance, human resources and billing on a single platform. It is efficient, fast and secure, which allows to increase the productivity of the company and to increase the income thanks to the optimization of processes and resources.

Solución CRMNetSuite HCM

The management of human capital processes can also be taken to the cloud with NetSuite HCM. This system collects the information and experience of these processes to secure company assets and boost staff motivation as well as the achievement of business objectives. It is a key tool for designing and developing strategies for productivity improvement.


If you want to take advantage of all the benefits offered by cloud environments with tools such as Netsuite, at Fusionworks we can help you with its implementation. Contact us!

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