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CRM for Universities: A loyalty tool

Academic offers keep growing and this means that you mustmake a greater effort to achieve your financial goals.  If you do not know what a CRM can do for universities or institutes, we can give you our insight.

What does a CRM represent for higher education?

CRM para universidadesA CRM for universities creates a platform that allows you to accelerate common processes. These include student recruitment, enrollment, admissions, and loyalty. Through full visibility of the cycle, you can contact students at any stage to give them a more personalized experience.

In this sense, a solution such as NetSuite provides several advantages:

Strengthens relations. This software allows you to strengthen ties with those who are related to your institute or university. This can be students, alumni, teachers, administrative staff, or sponsors.

Offers remote interaction. Through a user-friendly, flexible, and intuitive platform, you can expand your teaching options. Any student will be able to access it no matter where they are, giving you more tools to compete.

Reveals essence of courses better. This can occur through different points of contact within the recruitment process and with communication tailored to the current and incoming students.

Automates administrative process. Through system notifications, each student will receive reminders, pertinent letters, and interview dates.

Encourages the flow of capital. A closer communication about the meaning of contributions by sponsors or donors can generate greater contributions to your academic operation.

How does a CRM for universities can help you?

CRM para educación superiorThe fundamental ideas behind replacing a legacy system with a CRM for universities are several. First, you will be able to attract more students, simplify admissions processes and achieve greater student loyalty. For these reasons, more and more institutions want to communicate better with students and meet their expectations.

Often, the choice between two good colleges is in the details, such as the approach to applicants. The student will evaluate the admissions department’s assistance, relevant information, and course details. Since students want constant and assertive communication, you need an up-to-date digital solution, so you don’t get left behind.

When you use Netsuite CRM, you build a comprehensive database that enables you to:

Use the most attractive channels

Through key indicators of channel usage, you obtain relevant information about how your students communicate. This allows you to optimize communications to increase enrollment and recruitment. More accurate reporting helps you make informed decisions and reach more potential student.

Communicate with students through integrated apps

This platform simplifies communication so you can integrate popular applications and have students contact you at any time. With intuitive and flexible modules, you can incorporate up-to-date tools in one place.

Keep students aware of the administrative process.

Through automated admissions goals, you can improve the experience of those who prefer your academic offerings. Because everything is automated, you don’t have to keep track of emails, and during each step of the enrollment process, the system takes care of updates

A CRM for universities like NetSuite can differentiate you from the rest and adapt your institution to the current market demands. Contact us to learn more.