Discover the trends in Customer Relationship Management for 2019

CRMCustomer Relationship Managements is well addressed in the market with options in CRM. However, in the beginning of the year, it is worth taking a look at the tendencies in customer relationship management.
In this sense, 2018 was a year of many improvements in this area to provide a larger scope, support, and power to the marketing and sales teams.

Let see then what to expect from 2019 regarding trends in Customer Relationship Management.

Real Time Customer Engagement

First on our list we find Real Time Customer Engagement. It deals with the versatility and quickness to identify and achieve a proper interaction with customers, it also has the ability to adapt to their demands.

Achieving this implies a live participation by the customer, and this at the same time is achieved implementing interactions and highlighted messages for context.
This way a closeness between the customer and the brands is favored, guaranteeing a substantial improvement in the experience of the user, and therefore, they will quickly seek loyalty with the organization.

Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Second, we find the integrations of Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence. During 2018 we witnessed the emerging evolution in the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) in automated applications. In this sense, NLP allows us to subtract information form users to improve the service provided.

Gestión de Clientes 2019Seeing that NLP and the analysis of human emotions continues to be studied for its use in development and AI applications, it is extensive the number of services that we will see evolve during 2019 as a result of the integrations of Chatbot + AI + NLP: Dispensing fast food, processing loans, job recruiting, and many other services without human intervention.
Likewise, there are mixed speculations and feelings about the effect that the intervention of AI and chatbots can cause. On one side, it is believed that they are a threat for job positions; but, on the other hand, the tendency is that businesses improve the abilities of their personnel to be in charge of the tasks that AI cannot do.
Remember that at this time, machines still do not have the experience, sensibility, empathy to interact with human feelings.

Intelligent Spaces

Third, we find intelligent spaces. This name is given to those open, connected and coordinated spaces that allow and promote the interaction between human and automated systems.
Again, 2018 shyly opened a door towards intelligent spaces that will receive a marked demand as they become part of the daily life, and 2019 promises to be a very important year for this field.
Then, it is best that you are updated regarding the acquisition and use of analytical technologies and solutions to analyze in real time the factors that drive the tendency of consumers.

Commerce Everywhere

In fourth place, we find the tendency in customer relationship management named Commerce Everywhere. The principle and the concept that govern it is simple: Any place where there is a client will be taken as an opportunity to improve the commitment and sales.
In this sense, Social Commerce and Mobile Commerce will complement each other to make way for Commerce Everywhere. With this tendency the revenues are expected to increase by experiences based in the contextual discovery.
This way, trips made by clients in 2019 will turn into happier and more fun experience, and a successful business niche. The digitally integrated and connected multimedia services will do all the work.

Point of Sale (POS) personalization

Tendencias en Gestión de ClientesFinally, it is expected that in 2019 CRM evolve much more based on the user’s experience. Therefore, organizations that are able to personalize in a strategic manner the offers according to the profile of each customer will experiment an increase in the consumer’s loyalty.
Then, as the services are more personalized, the recommendations of word of mouth from actual clients will reflect in those that are more potentially viable.
This can be achieved, for example, when giving recognitions and incentives to a customer when they interact with the brand through social media, on the online store, and in those offline points of sale owned by the distributors.
Because not all customers are the same, it must be considered that not all customers are willing to publish comments on many other channels designed to address them. Then, it is important that organizations dedicate themselves to improving the customer experience in all the channels offered from the most traditional ones to the most advanced.

All organization that considers to improve their customer relationship management services for 2019, must consider updating their CRM according to the new tendencies of Customer Relationship Management. Contact us for the must recent options in CRM and to achieve this mission and start the new year with the right foot here in Fusionworks and request a Free Demo.

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