Ecommerce and Netsuite: The future of integrated online commerce

Adopting an ecommerce solution for any business means being reachable by a million of potential clients.  Even with the continuous increase of online sales, companies are still presenting integration problems in their different channels. 

For this reason, we want to present to you Netsuite for Ecommerce, a solution that connects the fundamental aspects of your online store.

Ecommerce and Netsuite: Advantages of Netsuite for Ecommerce

As part of the Netsuite platform, SuiteCommerce is a module for integrating operations designed to work in the cloud.   Its versatility makes possible offering a more functional experience to the user and it allows to reduce general costs by a substantial manner.  This translates into less data silos, more efficiency, faster response times, and an increase in profitability.

ecommerce y netsuite

The ecommerce tandem in Netsuite is characterized by being a solid system with advanced capabilities to manage more than one business.  This is possible thanks to its main advantages:

 Integration of channels

Through the multi-channel function, you have the ability to manage different points of sale. This means that all information physical, online, mobile, of customers in call center, inventory and more, is only in one place.

Dynamic marketing

NetSuite allows you to promote your products and services in different channels.  This may be done according to its profitability history, demand level or location.  This possibility also includes related recommendations.

ecommerce y netsuite Purchase tools

The pages integrated with this platform standout for their safety at the time of purchase.  Its functionality covers cross sales, coupons, real time credit card processing with PCI SSD, multilevel fraud protection and more.

 Client auto service

This platform facilitates users to connect to see their purchase history, follow orders, and update information of their accounts. It also has return requests, repurchase of products and complete orders, downloads, viewing claims and other functions.

 Inventory management

Based on your current inventory levels, this system updates the availability in real time.  This allows you to show the remaining amounts to buyers, how many articles are in the physical stores or configure your website to automatically remove the products that are not available.

ecommerce y netsuiteEcommerce and Netsuite: Why do they represent the future of online commerce

Purchasing habits have been changing with technological advances.  Most of the companies have adapted to the concept of online purchasing and online sales channel.  That it is way, an integration of Ecommerce with a CRM or ERP tool, allows your company to consolidate your sales, retain consumer loyalty, grow in market, and reach your business objectives. This is guaranteed by NetSuite.

The possibilities of management related to SuiteCommerce are broad and beneficial to obtaining the goals of your company. If you aspire to a greater integration between ERP, CRM and your database, this alternative has several very interesting capabilities. If you wish to integrate this solution to your processes Call us for a free demo! More than consultants, we are your strategic partners.

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