ERP and SCM: Integrated solutions for the growth of your company

ausencias laboralesThe market’s demands make the integration of systems, processes, and solutions like ERP and SCM vital. With late deliveries, delayed orders, lost shipments, lack of visibility and analytics, your business could be overtaken by the competition.

If you are looking for a client-centered model, a solution like ERP and SCM could be just what you need.


How to evolve implementing the combination of ERP and SCM

Many current companies neglect attention to the customer, margin goals, and management technologies. Nevertheless, this could change with the implementation of a solution like Oracle ERP.

erp y scmThis way you have a platform on the cloud with the proactive capability of boosting your growth through digital transformation.

Within its many functionalities we can find:

  • Inventory management. You will be able to get exact information on all the channels, supported by analytics.  This allows you to easily respond to the market and to the demands of your target public and make processes and costs more efficient.
  • Supply management. With automation, you can streamline provisioning, requirements, and the exchange of documents.  This advantage facilitates the normalization of contracts according to business policies and helps with the management of purchases/sales.  It also improves the relation with providers regarding information accuracy, risks, and qualifications.erp y scm
  •  Manufacturing optimization. ERP and SCM solutions on the cloud accelerate operability, visibility of work orders, and better analytics of performance.  This is complemented by social or mobile apps, better synchronization of the supply chain, and a more accurate cost management.
  • Accurate product information. With an integrated solution, you improve the quality of information, comprehend the financial impact, accelerate commercialization, elevate predictability, reduce expenses, and make decisions based on concrete elements.

Do you need help implementing Oracle ERP?


erp y scm

At this time, we have much more to say about the potential of ERP and SCM solutions in giving an innovative boost to your business.  Therefore, our work is focused on providing you the Oracle ERP solution, an adaptable, modular, intuitive platform with the best practices included and on the cloud. To know more about this tool, contact us.


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