ERP legacy: Know its negative effect on your business

ERP legacy:An ERP legacy is what we know as a system that is more than five years old, and that cannot be updated. This circumstance, inconsistent with the dynamics of current business, hinders the progress of your business and eliminates the competitive factor that makes it relevant for the market.  It is not something that benefits your business and we will tell you why.

Negative effects of an ERP legacy

Businesses with obsolete versions of on-premise ERP legacy such as SAP MAS, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, among others, suffer the consequences. Possibly they have software with version block incapable of adapting to technology, changes, and your needs. Far from a real transformation, you must resort to more staff and manual methods to address their deficiencies.

The new forms of interaction between employees and clients demand flexible, agile systems, and that they support scalability.  When this is not the case, the most frequent negative effects of an ERP legacy are:

  • Less investment in innovation

If you are spending millions of dollars of your IT budget in maintenance, you are not meeting your business needs.  Contrary to an ERP like NetSuite that it is 100% on the cloud, an old system does not allow you to change this equation.

  • ERP legacyReduced mobile connectivity

In obsolete software, there is a clear difference between the internal and the external access.  Citrix or VPN connections are not up there with mobile equipment (smartphones and tablets) that modern workers demand in their places of work.


  • A centralized infrastructure keeps you from growing

Globalization demands that you operate in a flexible manner in your opportunity markets. Without a presence in multiple locations nor remote access, having an IT team at each site becomes a very costly alternative.

  • Limited data in real time

One of the many problems of an ERP legacy implies using spreadsheets.  Not only do you assign more staff to the creation of less accurate reports, but you also obtain delays in forecasts and budgets.

  • Alienation from clients and providers

When you do not use a solution on the cloud, inter connectivity becomes more difficult.  This prevents the exchange of information in real time for clients, partners, and providers.  This difficulty can cause a lot of frustration by not offering the best service and increasing your operating costs.

ERP legacyAt Fusionworks we do not want you to have an ERP legacy that holds back your operation and increases your costs. Therefore we recommend implementing NetSuite, a solution 100% on the cloud, with fast implementation, modern advantages, and timely updates.

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