Expanding your business? Learn the Advantages of a Quick Implementation of a CRM in your Company

CRM para tu empresaYes, you already know that nowadays a CRM software is a fundamental part for completing the daily tasks of any organization. You understand that you must make it part of your company at any time and that is why the key question is: When is the best time to implement a CRM software in your company?

Apparently, everyone has an opinion on when the best time should be to incorporate or carry out this strategy. Some say that the best time to incorporate a CRM in your company is while it is still a start-up and others think it is better to wait until the processes and procedures are more secure to advance with the incorporation of a CRM system.

What it is really true is that every company is in a constant process of change and expansion is only another change. Either because you are hiring personnel or opening operations in another site, change is the only truth to what every company has to face day by day.

Now, what does the client and CRM represent for your company? Let us put it in musical terms: The client is the rhythm that gives the basis to the melody of your company. And although the client is the one who sets the tone, little or nothing should the changes that you are experimenting affect them. And that is when a CRM becomes necessary. In other words, even if you are expanding positively towards new frontiers or training more agents to better assist your client, the reality is that your customer needs your prompt attention no matter what you are going through. Period.

In this sense, it is very convenient that you help yourself with the benefits and advantages of the CRM in your company to help you in the process of expansion. Let us look at it in detail.

What is a CRM?

CRM para tu empresa

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) are programs that store and organize the information that the client’s database gathers. They compile and distribute in a logical and intuitive way all the information obtained through e-mails, meetings, telephone calls, notes, visits and tasks. The features of CRM go from organization and management in the areas of sales, marketing, communication, problem-solving and client consultations; budgeting and billing.

CRM are classified in operational, analytical or collaborative depending of the use given. Likewise, CRM is particularly key in the processes of expansion and growth because they serve as good diplomats – or mediators, if you prefer: On one hand, they always adjust to the requirements of your company while, on the other hand, they give the client the contact it needs while you rediscover and redimension the new scope of your company.

With CRM you are able to connect the data and tendencies with interesting solutions and proposals.

Advantages and benefits of a quick implementation of CRM in your company

Increase in sales volume

A CRM in your company improves the follow-up of your leads because, among many other of its features, it organizes, categorizes, and combines offers with clients.

Promotes customization, follow-up and communication

Relieves the personnel from making previous research and follow-up of the status of requirements of each client. This way, all your agents know the details of each contact made to the client.

It improves response time and solution

The information available helps you save time because the agent knows what the client is interested in, and can focus on their needs before even initiating contact with them.

It improves internal and external communication

Agents are assigned depending on the type of product and client and, in case that an assigned agent cannot follow-up on a requirement of his/her client, the information gathered is very helpful for the substitute agent who inherits the case. This promotes the integrity of the work group and strengthen the reputation of the company before the eyes of the client.

It helps with loyalty

The client is perceived as someone important by being treated in a personalized and attentively manner. This promotes loyalty towards your company, who provides more than products and solutions, a service that satisfies their needs in a respectful and friendly manner.

Pervades to other departments

The organization that offers a CRM in your company helps to segment the client portfolio for the creation of more efficient marketing and sales. And all these benefits together translate into a perceptible increase of income.

Have you analyzed your options of CRM for your business?

CRM para tu empresaAmong the wide variety of options in CRM, one of the best an friendlier is Microsoft Dynamics 365. Incorporating this CRM to your company will help you improve your ROI and to accelerate your sales cycle by anticipating your client’s needs.
In addition, Microsoft Dynamics 365 connects the sales department with the marketing and ATC in a harmonious manner; GUI is friendly and easy to manage; and it adapts to the inherited systems with no major problems. It is compatible with the main Operative Systems, favors the expansion process of your business and the development of new strategies underlining the data that will help you to make informed decisions.
On the other hand, Microsoft Dynamics 365 generates an integral vision of the work done by the teams to prepare and coordinate campaigns; likewise, it promotes the so called 360 vision of the client that helps create attractive messages, coherent and adapted to the characteristics of each consumer at the same time that it values the efficiency of projects and campaigns in real time taking as reference the previous results to guarantee the quality of service.
This tool hosted in the Cloud allows easy access with guaranteed protection at any time and from any place, because the service will always be available from any smart device.
The expansion of your business is a very interesting moment that you can take advantage to incorporate automated tools that will help you organize your departments towards better business strategies.
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