Forbes magazine: “Cloud Helps Puerto Rican Restaurant Company Weather Storm”

Fusionworks implementation featured in Forbes Magazine

Grupo Colón Gerena took advantage of the Oracle technology before the hurricane and was able to continue operations immediately.

After Hurricane María hit Puerto Rico on September 20, 2017, and left nearly 100% of the Island without communications and electricity, one local company was able to continue its operations thanks to Oracle ERP Cloud.

Nine months before the hurricane, Grupo Colón Gerena, a company that owns restaurant franchises in the island, had taken advantage of the Oracle technology and moved its financial systems to the cloud thanks to Fusionworks.

The story of Grupo Colón Gerena, a client of Fusionworks since 2002, was showcased this week in the prestigious Forbes magazine.


“By having everything in the cloud, we had the security that if something happens in our office, it doesn’t necessarily affect the business,” said Ramón Vázquez, Grupo Colón Gerena’s IT director to the magazine. “If we were still on a local system and had any electricity issues, we might have a situation where the database stops mid-process,” he added.


This is just an example of our mission in Fusionworks: to transform the business landscape of the markets we operate in by helping organizations become more innovative, efficient and therefore, competitive.
We do this by combining business knowledge and technology expertise to modernize a company’s finance, human capital, marketing and sales operations.

If you wish to follow Grupo Colón Gerena’s example and move your operations to the cloud don’t hesitate to contact us!

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