Fusionworks enters representation agreement with Oracle NetSuite for Puerto Rico and the Caribbean

Oracle NetSuite, one of the business management systems of highest growth at the global level, selected local firm Fusionworks for their representation and distribution in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, as announced today by the company leader in technology and business solutions.

NetSuite is a complete platform that integrates all the necessary technologies to operate a business: customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management (SCM), distribution, manufacture, services resource planning (SRP), point of sale, ecommerce, payroll, human capital management, among others.



Oracle Netsuite Puerto RicoContrary to other technologies, NetSuite was created and established on the web, being the only one of these systems native to cloud computing. Today it is used by over 40,000 clients worldwide, which makes it the Oracle system with the highest growth in its category.

“The world changed, our business was transformed and our responsibility is to deliver the latest in technology to our clients. With the arrival of the cloud, the technologies that our clients have to operate their business were also transformed. NetSuite is a software totally integrated with business intelligence in all its transactions and it is 100% mobile ready, with native social networks functions and the best of all, the manufacturer administers it, not the business owner”, explained CPA Jorge Mejía, director and co-founder of Fusionworks.


Join us on the virtual launch of NetSuite by Fusionworks


Oracle NetSuite
Oracle NetSuite is the most complete ERP system used by more than 40,000 clients worldwide.

For the NetSuite practice, that adjusts perfectly to the current needs of Puerto Rico, Fusionworks has established a working team exclusively for their clients. They plan to have more than 20 resources in such practice in the next five years.

“With the arrival of the cloud, businesses will adopt new technologies in a faster and more agile manner, innovation is practically forced. Either you move to the cloud or you stay behind, said Leslie Luciano, who together with Mejía and Luis Santiago, founded Fusionworks in 2002.“This is a new era. Businesses who wish to improve their productivity need to move to the next level with the best software in the market”, added Mejía.

For everyone interested in knowing a little more about NetSuite and Fusionworks, the company will be making a virtual launch of the new technology this next Thursday, November 29, 2018 through the following link: https://fwpr.com/webinar-netsuite/


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With headquarters in San Juan, Puerto Rico and regional offices in the cities of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and Miami, Florida, Fusionworks is known for transforming the business landscape of the markets in which they work, helping organizations to become more innovative, efficient and competitive.


They do this by combining business knowledge with technology expertise to modernize a company’s finance, human capital, marketing and sales operations.

In addition to NetSuite, Fusionworks has expertise in other Oracle, Microsoft and Prophix solutions.

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