Gain a competitive advantage: learn the value of real-time data

The digital era has allowed businesses and organizations of all types to have a database.  Companies have understood that its analysis allows them to obtain relevant information about their services, suppliers and customers.  That is why it is very important that the data is constantly updated and that this real-time data is available to the company.

Analysis and information management

For this type of process to be carryout efficiently and securely, there are various specialized software products available.  With them, it is possible to record, analyze and contrast which data or values are relevant and profitable for the development and growth of organizations.  In addition, when this type of information is available, project management becomes much more efficient. Companies that manage data in real time, achieve greater advantages and develop strategic vision in their employees. 

Advantages of managing data in real-time

In the business world time is a critical factor and therefore having real-time data is fundamental.  This brings different benefits such as increased business profitability and functionality.  These are some of the advantages of having an updated database.

  • Ability to detect errors or failures in time to correct them.
  • Improve service quality and avoid delays.
  • Know the availability of any product.
  • Increase sales volume and business opportunities.
  • Plan more efficient strategies.
  • Make better and faster decisions.
  • Anticipate competitors’ movements and obtain commercial advantages

How to handle this type of data?

The analysis, visualization or interpretation of a huge database is a complex process, even for the most skilled people. With the help of technological innovations, a set of applications or software has been developed that allows to process, extract and structure the data in an orderly, simple, manageable and comprehensible way, according to the purposes and needs of each company.Real-time data management

Software such as Oracle EPM o Prophix are the type of tools that automatically integrate and process big data from different sources. These allow the data to be used by the company and its different departments in a more graphical and intuitive way to develop management plans and make decisions quickly and efficiently.

By constantly entering data, the applications are responsible for integrating them, analyzing them through algorithms and providing answers in real time. It is worth mentioning that the software is perfectly adaptable depending on the objectives of the company and the sector in which it operates.

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