How does an ERP implementation helps streamline your business processes?

implementación de un EPRThe implementation of an ERP is a reality for the digital transformation of modern business.

To materialize this objective, CEOs are appealing to concrete solutions, such as NetSuite ERP and similar platforms.  If you want to know how its correct implementation can give you a hand, follow us.



Implementation of an ERP: Functionality offered by the proper ERP

First of all, when you know your present and future needs, you can aspire to optimize your processes through the implementation of an ERP.

We remind you that this system includes a centralized database that integrates the different departments, a modular design to analyze with metrics the performance of critical areas and the automation of information management.

Implementación de un ERP

Therefore, implementation of a platform such as NetSuite ERP  offers a functionality focused on maximizing aspects such as:

  • Purchases and sales. This software allows you to control the essential elements to boost the business activity.  This includes tasks related to the creation of offers, CRM, follow-up of products, shipping, rates, orders, reports and more.
  • Finance and accounting. This module helps you meet financial objectives and with the current regulations. Accounting processes become automatic, as well as the creation of IGIC and VAT books.  In addition, you can instantly manage balances, collections, payments and reconciliations.
  • Optimization of inventories. Do you want to know in detail how your supply chain works? With this software you control stocks, warehouses, storage, costs, and improve trace-ability.
  • Document management. To leave behind the use of Excel, the lack of analytical tools in real time, and unclear documentation strategy, you go to an ERP. Attention to these key points are essential for better decision making.

What to expect from the NetSuite ERP new generation

At this time we can say, that NetSuite ERP has the most recent innovations for these systems.  This implies a greater integration with professional apps and direct connectivity with BI solutions for on point analysis of the single data base.

implementación de un ERPIn addition, it includes automatic learning through machine learning, take advantage of the benefits of artificial intelligence and simplify the user’s experience with mobile devices or friendly navigation.

If your intention is to take that big step towards the competitive evolution of your business, you need to trust the experts to advice you with proven solutions. 


In Fusionworks we take care of the correct implementation of an EPR and of  NetSuite ERP. We support you during the whole process and we make sure of boosting your digital transformation.


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