How to anticipate data loss with an ERP system?

cómo anticiparse a la pérdida de datos con un Sistema ERPData loss with an ERP system is a more common problem in companies than we would like to admit. The problem is not the ERP itself, but the little knowledge that many times companies themselves have about the software they use and their responsibility in caring for the information. To avoid this type of inconvenience and take better advantage of your ERP, you must adopt the correct security measures.

Integrations for filtering data access and management

Oracle Cloud has developed a series of protection mechanisms for filtering data access and management. These are integrations that allow companies to have a correct configuration of their tools in the cloud, such as the ERP, for example.Conoce viajeros hijo. 

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management 

It is a tool that allows to control who can access the resources of the company in the cloud. You will be able to establish what kind of access each user or group has and what specific resources they can manage.  It is a very useful solution for complex companies with many departments and personnel.

Oracle Identity Cloud Service

3 integraciones que permiten anticiparse a la pérdida de datos con un Sistema ERP

Oracle Identity Cloud Service, is responsible for managing user access and rights across various cloud and on-premises services and applications through a cloud-native Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) platform. Companies can establish the user identity and enable a ‘Zero Trust’ strategy to set up a new security perimeter to protect their data from unauthorized third parties.

Oracle Cloud Guard

This is a unified security solution capable of automatically detecting threats and misconfigurations and analyzing data and then eliminating the threats found. It is also responsible for discovering and stopping anomalous activities, shutting down malicious instances and revoking user permissions if it finds unusual behavior, all automatically and without human intervention.

Oracle Data Safe 

This tool is designed to find gaps in the defense of database implementations. It functions as a unified security control center that automates the protection of customer data and allows you to anticipate data loss with an ERP system. It also provides practical recommendations to mitigate security risks. 

With these Oracle Cloud integrations you will be able to anticipate data loss in your ERP system.  It will be fully protected with the right tools to avoid inconveniences caused by unauthorized access to the company’s data.  At Fusionworks we can help you implement these solutions.

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