How to automate your back-office with Oracle ERP Cloud

The back-office are all those business support activities that allow a company to operate efficiently. It is basically the backroom where the tasks required by the company to carry out its activity are managed, such as financial management, accounting, human resources, logistics, etc.

Since the market is increasingly competitive; it is essential that companies take advantage of all available resources to increase profitability and efficiency. Therefore, it is best to automate your back-office. This means using available technology to monitor and have greater control of the company’s processes in order to optimize time and resources.


Keys to automate your back-office

To automate your back-office you need to have a system for accounting, financial, and resource management such as Oracle ERP Cloud which bases its processes in flows that include modern best practices. Therefore, when we speak of best practices we refer to the application of techniques that show superior results to those achieved by other means. And as for the modern, it has to do with the ability of these techniques to evolve as improvements are discovered.

Oracle ERP Cloud is based on modern best practices.  Since it takes advantage of new technologies related to the Cloud; mobile environment, collaborative work environment, big data, Internet of Things (IOT) and Artificial Intelligence. To offer a more efficient service to companies and deliver the best results.


Therefore, if you want to automate your back-office, you need a solution based on modern best practices like this one that allows you to: 

  • Automate your accounting and financial processes.  As it is a cloud-based system, it will be a complete, integrable and scalable solution.
  • Access your information in real-time, and form any device.
  • Count on information based on an analytic data model.  You will be able to obtain accurate, timely and consistent data to support financial management.
  • Fast and flexible billing thanks to cloud-based purchasing modules
  • Control costs and increase visibility of expenses.
  • Improve decision making and optimize accuracy during transaction entries.


With a software such as Oracle ERP Cloud to automate your back-office, your company will be able to overcome change, be prepared for the future, and achieve more quickly and efficiently with fewer resources. In addition, by using a system like this, your organization will maintain its uniqueness and competitive advantage in the industry. 


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