How to digitize your Human Resources Department

digitalizar tu departamento de recursos humanosThe process of digitizing your human resources department seeks to generate a transformation within the organizational culture.  Faced with the need for greater innovation to improve effectiveness, IT solutions have shown advances that you can take advantage. We will tell you what is needed and how to carry it out.

What it means to digitize a Human Resources department

Adapting to new technologies and ways of doing business requires understanding the of the strategies to be implemented. Trying to give clarity about this process, you must take into account 3 basic premises:


  • Digitization is intended to facilitate the frequent work of staff.  Through, the due analysis of information to improve the decision digitalizar tu departamento de recursos humanosmaking  that drives the desired transformation.


  • Digitalizing the human resources department aims to make technologies available to staff.  In this way they can adapt their activities, with Oracle HCM Cloud and other alternatives.


  • This process goes beyond the implementation of IT tools and it is focused on the necessary change of collaborators who manage them.  It means better understanding the relationship between employees, tools, and media.

How to digitize the department?

It is a fact that established practices for retaining and recruiting talent are falling short.   Building a culture of network-based innovation, improving productivity, training, teamwork and communication requires:

  • The inclusion of solutions such as Oracle HCM Cloud or similar platforms should be well supported.  This demands a joint effort between management and staff.


  • An adaptation period for those less familiar with ICTs to be implemented.  This reduces the digital divide, builds confidence, and increases the desire for self-improvement among staff


  • A defined communication strategy where all participants, managers, employees, establish a continuous feedback in which each member is recognized for his or her worth.


  • The total adoption of the process, which requires a progressive implementation and the elimination of anything that hinders its implementation.


  • An culture of innovation that involves collaborators more, promotes shared risk leadership, and gives greater access to networks.digitalizar tu departamento de recursos humanos

Digitizing the human resources department to promote automation, requires better interaction between people and tools.  In order to promote self-service and cooperation between Human Resources and IT, Oracle HCM Cloud is an ideal solution. In Fusionworks we have a prepared and qualified staff to advice and assist you with the details of this system.  If you want to innovate and elevate your business to another level, do not hesitate to contact us.

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