How to Improve Profitability of Your Service Organization with Automation

automatización de servicios profesionalesAccording to a study shared by ITChronicles, employees invest around 69 days a year in administrative tasks. These manual tasks cause billions of dollars in losses annually and can be avoided by automating professional services in companies.

By simplifying the processes of an organization you get a better return on your investment. But for this to be possible it is necessary to use a Professional Services Automation Program (PSA). This is a tool with resource and project management tactics designed for different types of organizations in the area of professional services.


Keys to successfully implementing automation in your professional services organization

automatización de servicios profesionalesTask automation in professional services companies can help accelerate their growth and achieve greater profitability. But to implement it, you need to know how to get started and what steps to take. These are the main recommendations.

Determine which are the repetitive tasks of the company

You must understand what the cyclical process of the company is and which are the most time consuming repetitive tasks, to simplify them with automation. To do this, you can rely on your team, who will have more information about the time spent on each task.

Set business objectives of the company

If your goal is to improve profitability, then you should establish objectives that are aligned with that idea.  This way, in the automation of tasks, priority will be given to those directly related to this aspect.

automatización de servicios profesionalesSelect a tool to automate processes

You must select well the software that will help you automate the tasks of the company. There are many options, but not all can cover your specific needs. One of the most outstanding platforms due to its versatility is Netsuite PSA.

Train your staff

If you want to improve the profitability of the company with automation you must take time to train your staff.  While software such as Netsuite PSA, take care of executing repetitive tasks, workflows do not manage themselves.  That is why it is important that the team knows how to operate them in an efficient manner.


Benefits of Netsuite PSA for the professional services industry

automatización de servicios profesionalesFor automation in professional services organizations, NetSuite PSA is one of the best alternatives of the market.  It is a very complete tool designed to manage all projects in the company and improve its processes and activities.  In addition, it is efficient, fast and safe.

Netsuite PSA offers benefits such as:

  • A clear vision of the organization and business results.
  • Control of the evolution of projects from start to finish.
  • Cloud platform that allows access from anywhere.
  • Mobile access.
  • No programming required.
  • Simple maintenance.

If you want to grow your professional services business by making it more productive and profitable, you must take advantage of automation. At Fusionworks we can help you implement Netsuite PSA in your business. Contact us!

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