How to manage absence from work with Oracle HCM

ausencias laboralesThe workforce has become the biggest asset and investment in organizations. Overlooking absenteeism results in expensive for your operations because it affects teamwork and limits evaluation.

If you are experimenting with this problem, we will give you a few suggestions and tell you how Oracle HCM can help you.

How to manage absenteeism

Companies that look to have a productive work dynamic, need to control absences from work to avoid their ramifications.  Along with the implementation of technology to manage human talent, we recommend the following practices:

ausencias laborales


  • Well defined policies. This problem demands clear, formal rules that do not admit interpretations.  Absence management must clearly explain each case, who supervises, unjustified absences, and penalties.
  • Schedule flexibility.  When you really know your staff, you know when they can perform better without the need of impositions.  Because reasons for lost work are diverse, it is preferable that employees have schedules that are more adjusted to their needs and according to the company’s objectives.
  • Use of WFM software. Automation for workforce management is becoming more useful and necessary.  A solution like Oracle HCM allows management to know who is absent, and also, the employee will be more conscious of their record and performance.

 Management of Work Absences with Oracle HCM

In a connected environment, computing solutions in the cloud are geared towards giving you knowledge, analysis, and response to changing conditions.  Responding to information demands and interaction of an organizational culture requires follow-up and achievement strategies to establish the more appropriate changes .

 With the implementation of Oracle HCM in your company you will get the following advantages:

ausencias laborales

  • Schedules.  This function allows you to organize changes of company holidays, celebrations, and events to adjust the availability of the staff.
  • Plans for absenteeism. This option facilitates adjusting internal and external policies about the rules that justify the absence of the staff.

ausencias laborales

  • Absence from work. You can register programmed absences or not according to the country and adjust the form for the data required from employees.
  • Eligibility criteria. Using HR guidelines, you can configure the plans and rights for each one of your employees. 

If you think that implementing a tool like Oracle HCM is just what you need to manage absenteeism in your business, we can guide you. Contact us, no obligation.

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