How to manage non-traditional benefits

beneficios no tradicionalesOrganizations have evolved in different ways over the dynamics of their work environments.  This reality has made digital benefits to take a more prominent role regarding traditional formulas.

Because motivating your staff has become more difficult, Oracle HCM and other measures can help you with the complexity of HR management.  

Strategies that contribute to non-traditional benefits

If you require innovating ways to keep your staff motivated, you must consider factors such as a higher presence of women in the work environment, different generations working together, increasing mobility, and the expectation of productive aging.

beneficios no tradicionalesBecause there are diverse aspects that facilitate or impair a non-traditional benefits program, your strategies must focus on:


Rigid models have given way to formulas that promote the adaptation to the variables of the work environment.  Therefore, modern companies use incentives to award teamwork, collaboration, and fellowship with the help of technology.



The new vision in compensations is centered in promoting self-realization, professional development, and safety of employees. Because the staff has other needs, your administration must empower them to have control over their growth and become people with more skills.



Good non-traditional compensation management is based on effective communication.  The different channels and technological support facilitate the staff to have more feedback and to clear their expectations. With Oracle HCM they have the opportunity to see their progress, get more involved with the program, and receive suggestions from their superiors.


beneficios no tradicionalesCustomization

Standard plans for everyone are part of the past and can be very discouraging. With the help of information platforms, departments have a better way of individually evaluating needs, performance, and particular details.


Non-traditional benefits with Oracle HCM

The idea of implementing software such as Oracle HCM, is nothing more than incorporating an incentives model that is more in tune with the reality of your collaborators. For example, those more coveted non-traditional benefits are often:

  • Car allowance for new employees
  • Offer exercise programs or gym memberships
  • Provide drinks, snacks, and other foods.


In Fusionworks we understand that recognition of personnel requires a detailed, organized and forward management of non-traditional benefits. If you want to retain your human talent longer, Oracle HCM has the solutions you are looking for.

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