How to Transform University Management with an ERP and CRM system

We generally associate the use of systems such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) with purchase and sales companies. However, it should be noted that these tools are also very useful in organizations that provide services, such as university education centers.


Universities also need resources and tools that allow them to attract potential university customers.  As well as to simplify its internal processes such as administration and financial planning, and relationship management and university customer service, for example. Fortunately, this is possible with ERP and CRM systems; systems that can also be integrated to optimize the efficiency and productivity of the organization. 


ERP for university management

An ERP is a comprehensive accounting and financial information management system; that allows to automate and standardize efficiently the different processes of the organization. This type of tool, like for example NetSuite ERP, allows you to manage and plan your business resources, and optimize operational flow to drive organizational growth. In addition to providing visibility in accounting processes such as payment plans, collections, funding, scholarships, etc. All this allows to eliminate manual processes to save time and be more efficient.


CRM for university management

While an ERP system is perfect for helping educational institutions manage and expand their financial management; the CRM system allows to automate and manage communication with different prospects and current contacts of the organization, whether they are employees, active students, alumni, or other members of the educational community. A CRM will improve the experience of the student throughout his or her life cycle, from admission to registration, because the CRM system allows efficient and real-time management of students’ academic history, including courses taken, grades, schedules, among others, depending on the needs of the university organization.


On the other hand, this tool can produce more opportunities for generating potential customers because it provides real-time information and more visibility, this can be very helpful in making correct and effective decisions.


Best of all, ERP and CRM systems can be easily integrated for a much more complete tool. If you want to count on both to transform university management, at Fusionworks we can help you. Contact us we will help you implement this solution in your educational center. 

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