Human Resources Management: How modernization of processes influences employee productivity

Human Resources management used to be confined to recruitment, payroll, performance evaluations, accounting, and risk prevention work. Nevertheless, there wasn’t a dynamic integration between the employees’ activities and business operations. However, its modernization is possible thanks to Oracle HCM and other IT solutions.

¿How to improve productivity through a modern Human Resources management?

Human Resources departments receive a lot of valuable information about employees.  This valuable data must be processed in a quick and efficient manner.  The use of a system that controls: schedules, vacations, policies, daily tasks, dashboards, and more, prevents conflicts due to isolated decisions.  And this allows improving intercommunication and synergy.

Gestión RRHH sistema HCMLikewise, the human resources area requires more automation and less repetitive or manual tasks.  Therefore, workers require applications that allow coordinating their activities inside and outside the company. This greater intercommunication is key because it exponentially facilitates the duties of each department.  Also, it promotes auto-management between the staff.

Advantages of an HCM system to improve productivity

Taking advantage of the organizational capabilities of Oracle HCM, we can distinguish 2 key factors about productivity:

  • Worker’s needs

Smartphone apps are the new tools that boost motivation, efficiency, and performance.  Setting up a system to manage notifications, incidents, vacations, authorizations, and digital information promotes more productive work conditions.

  • Business objectivesHCM CLOUD ORACLE

Through communication and analysis of immediate data, your business relies on precise metrics.  Therefore, you can avoid subjective evaluations, you establish more realistic goals, favor mobility, and obtain all the information that conditions job performance.

Current tendencies in Human Resources Management

The advantages of choosing Oracle HCM consists in that it incorporates the more recent tendencies in Human Resources management like:

  • The demands of skills in job positions require a more personalized and less traditional talent administration.
  • Adequate development of digital employer branding brings the talent that is concerned about the growth possibilities that the company offers.
  • Gamification represents a basic and effective tool to improve work, maintain interest and establish new challenges.
  • More transparent management makes processes more agile, increases feedback from staff, accelerates decision making, and adds more value to your business.

rrhh HCM softwareIn Fusionworks we promotee the use of  Oracle HCM Cloud for Human Resources management because we are experts in IT solutions and we thoroughly understand your operational capabilities.  We can help you with the productivity of your team with the appropriate tools and strategies.  

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