Improve employee productivity with HCM

gestión HCMManaging productivity and human talent has become a key aspect for companies. In more digitalized working environments, performance can be affected by the same technologies that facilitate a more efficient environment.

An effective solution for this is to get support from Human Capital Management (HCM) and its best tools to solve the main problems.


Factors that determine worker productivity

gestión HCMAn important part of HCM is related with identifying elements that affect productivity.

Although there are many, there are 3 key factors that can be summarized this way:

  • Employee focus: This category evaluates time spent on specific tasks, what affects the concentration and time administration of workers.


  • Abilities of human talent: To better understand performance, it is necessary to know the abilities or skills of each individual in relation with the position they occupy.


  • Organization strategy: It is important that the company guarantees, the people responsible of the development of tasks based on positive results and the interests the business seeks.

HCM solutions

gestión HCMIn general, lack of productivity is due to an inadequate administration of working time. This is manifested in the abuse of internet, social media (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.) and email.

Before this scenario, there are two possible solutions: A real time evaluation platform or blocking personal activity.

Because limiting the employee is not a good option, a good HCM uses the “mirror effect”.  It is a method that promotes a better work ethic by metrics that reflect individual performance.

When people are conscious of what they are doing, they value their time, promoting their commitment and concentration to tasks.

gestión HCMPlatforms such as Oracle HCM and NetSuite allow your employees to manage themselves and improve their productivity evaluation.  The positive effect of these tools is that it creates more responsibility in the staff and favors more flexible schedules, objective management and telecommuting. This automatic measure also has a positive impact on the administration of human resources.

In addition to guaranteeing the compliance of company policies, it allows to control attendance problems. 

These HCM applications help to value the use of processes, resources, and staff according to the strategies proposed.

Based on your corporate values, you can count on our expert advice to improve your human talent, improve competitiveness, and optimize productivity. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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