Increase your team’s productivity with RPA

One of the great concerns of employees is that with the rise of advanced technology, some computer or robot will take over their job. This concern has intensified with the arrival of robotic process automation (RPA), an application that configures software to automate repeated and rule-based processes

Aumento de la productividad - RPAIn some areas, especially in the manufacturing world, this possibility is very real.  However, in most areas, such as companies comprised of workers in commercial sectors, it is not the case and in fact, it is most likely that they experience an increase in productivity due to the automation. 

Do you want to improve productivity? Bet on RPA

Robotic process automation allows to assign manual and repetitive tasks to a software that can continue to repeat them without error or interruptions. This allows employees to get rid of menial tactical jobs and concentrate on high-value strategic jobs that really contribute to the success of the company. 

According to research conducted by Deloitte, 95% of organizations that have implemented RPA in their teams have improved productivity . ¿How is this increase achieved? These benefits explain it. 

Employees can reach their full potential

Contrary to what you may believe that RPA kills jobs, in reality this technology enables employees to reach their full potential.  This is because it helps them focus more on the strategic and innovative thinking that is needed today to meet the demands of rapidly changing markets.  In addition, RPA reduces employee stress, therefore they can do their jobs more efficiently. 

Existing processes and workflows are optimized

Manual and repetitive tasks end up being tedious, and many times, although necessary, they do not contribute much to business growth. Robotic process automation (RPA) can improve the way that jobs are performed, which boosts business productivity.  This, in turn, promotes the happiness of employees, who feel better because they can engage in work where they feel more productive.Ventajas de la automatización

Customer service is more efficient

During telephone customer service, for example, employees can rely on software bots to quickly access customer data. This makes it easier to locate information to meet customer requests on their first call without repeated follow-ups. By reducing response time for customers, employee productivity is increased, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Automation works to increase productivity. In fact, 68% of global workers believe it will make them more productive. If you want to take advantage of this technology to optimize daily operations and boost your business, UIPATH is an excellent option.

At Fusionworks we can help you implement this system to improve operational efficiency in the different areas of your company. Contact us!

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